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How Oíd Are You? M K A wornan is mighty f ƒ w V) sensitive aboiit her g 3 I V" age. Some have !stS'% I been ktiown to fly ' t into a passion on the ■ witness stand when an inquisitive lawyer asks, "How oíd are you?" The actual number of years don't count for tnuch ín a healthy, vigorous woman. If she be forty, she will look younger than a weak woman at 25. Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescnption keeps women looking young by keeping disease away from those marvelously delicate organs which distinguish the female sex It cures all the debilitating wastes and drains, all the aches and pains. It quiets the nerves, and stops those beanngdown sensations. It fits the wife for the task of child-bearing, makitig the period of gestation one of comfort, shortemng labor and making it almost painless. It fortines the whole system, so that recovery after confinement is quick, and there are 110 dangerous after-effects. The babe of the woman who takes "Favorite Prescription " is sure to be healthier than the babe of the mother who does not take it. _ There is no alcohol or opiate in this medicine. It is a pure non-alcoholic tqnic and nervine. Mrs Axel Kier, of Gordonville, Cape Girardeau Co.. Jlo., writes: " When I look at my httle boy I feel it my duty to write you. This is my nitn child aud the only one who carne to niaturity; the others haviug died from lack of ivounshtnent- so the doctor said. I was not sickly 111 any wav, aud this time I just thought I would trvvouf ' Prescnption.' I took mne bottles and to my surprise it carried me through and gaye us as fine a Httle boy as ever was. Velghed ten and one-half pounds. He is now five months oíd has never beeu sick a day, aud is so strong that every body who sees liim wonders at hun. In cases of sudden sickness, the Common Sense Medical Adviser (1008 pages) may save a life. Sent free in paper-cover for 21 one-cent stamps to pay postage. Cloth covcr 31 stamps. Address Dr. R. V. Pierce Buffalb, N. Y.