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pÊ"vOu"wEAK,g 1 DISEASED MEN. 0NOCURE-NOPAYH F1 THE NEW METUOD TREATMENT. p y original with Drs. K. & K., will 1 ■ tivcly cure forever any fonn of Blood or B ■ Sexual disease. It ia the result oL 30 U fn yeara' experienoe in the treatment oL Wl gWECURESYPHILISQ Tri This terrible Blood Poison, the terror Bfl lt.1 of mankind, yields readily to our !NEV I ál ■ TREATMENT. Beware oL Mercury, ■ ■ Potaeh, etc. They may ruin yonr system. ■ ■I If y ou have Bores in the mouth or tocgue, ■ I H Pa'ns in the joints, sore throat, hair or f2 LJkg eyebrows falling out, pimples orblotches, M KM etomach derangement, sore eyes, PJ IJJ acheSj etc-, you have the secondary stage [! ■■ of thia lilood Poison. Wo solicit the ■■ 14 most obstinate cases, and challenge tho I rA UJ world for n. case we accept for treatment UJ ■ and eannot cure. By our treatment the ■ H ulcers heal, the hair grows again, ]aina H K disappear, the ekïn becomes healthy, and ■■ 1 marriago is possiblo and fafe. I vi B CURES 6U AR ANTEEDQ K Thousands of young and middle-aged H l men have their vigor and vitality sapped I Jl H by early abuses, later excesses, mental U I worry, etc. No matter the cause, our 9 ■■ New Method Troatment is the ref nge. HwecureimpotencyH y And restore all parts to a normal fjj ni tion. Amljition, life and energy are HM 11 newed, and one feels bimself a maplJ ■i amoiifr n'.cn. Every case is treated UJ ■ yiduaiij - no cure-all- henee our ■ WÊt ful success. Jfo matter what ails you, ■ 13 consult 8 confidentially. We can W t nish bank bonda to guarantee to 1! w% plish what we claim. ■% U 250,000 CUREDÖ lij We treat and cure: EMISSIONS, lij ■ VARICOCELE, SYPHILIS, GLEET, ■ ■ STRICTÜRE, IMPOTENCY, SECREl' ■ ■ DRAINS, UNNATÜRAL Tri PI ES, KXDNEY and BLADDER Diceases. láj Uy C0NSÜLTATI0N FREE. BOOKS fl ■gl FREE. If unablo to cali, write for fcfl M QUESTXON BLAXlv for HOME HM Mj TREATMENT. ÏTS ■Kennedy Kergan 1 uj Cor. Michigan Ave. and Shelby St. n Li DETROIT, MICH. "K HAIR SWITCH FREE y ON EASY CONOITIOèT t'rf ' ifl u s ai ou ant' mail to na, EetH r fi 'V'iJr small sample of tuiope ti'tiic U Sr roots. SEXI) SÜ BOSt'Y; we will make and oTiil send you bymail, pOBtuoiiLa FIHE KUMAH rE'tm HAIR SWITCH, an exaet maleh, madt 2 ' VJk. inches long frora seleeted human hilr, ï jiílli ?X ounces, Ehort stem. We will inclose Wár 1 in Pac&e with switch sufficientpostag-e ' '■' return ittousif not perfect It satis factor r, l, iKa'y butif found exactly as repfe.sentedanü V.i"lffA most extraordinary value and you wish 'r )ï t0 iieeP it, oïilier send uS1.50bv mail within 'Y í lOdaysorTAKE OKUEUS FOK 3 SWITCHES , igtffC AT $1-50 KACll among your friends and t? air Pen(l to Vs w'l1ut a? tnonoy, wetosei.d V'aJT i) tiie 3 switches to them direct by mail, ,;':li - Jim to be païi for 10 days after received ii [kyWzmr perfect) y &atisfaetoíy,an(iyooaBtfcB hon líf F the switch we send you free farj-ourtroable. S , IíEmS Hglï Planos, (írcan-, Sewlng Horlilncs, f DIsbes, Furo Ui re, Wittchpf, Bicvtlcb. m ' ■JmsÊm Cameras and othcr premiums for úkíd? t% orders for Oor Switchen. One ladjearoW. s$B&r [gjjp a Tiano in flfteen dayg, men Sewiijg XaclihitJn 2 days. Order a Switch atonccor wrlto to-day for FREE PKEMH'M OFFER. Arfdrcss, Ladies' Hair Emporium, Chicago. C. H. St. CLAIR, SECGNO HAND GQOQS. GuodP of all (iescriptions boughtand Bold. Furniture aod Stoves Kepaired 3OÖ-51 1 If. FOÜKTH Sï.