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Ann Arbor Savings Bank

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KEPORT OP THE OOSTHTIOJS OK THK At AnnArbor, Michigan, at the close of i),w Dee 1 1898 RESOURCES. WABILITl'liB.' Loansand Discountg, 1457 953 '6 Suieks. Sonds, MortKaeee 659911 59 Capital stook paidlti' 50 000 ft. Uni-t-d States and Mich. S late Bonus 24,'tOJ no Surplus fund, ïw'imn nn Banking Mouse J ---".""""" 30,500 00 Lrndivide" proflt less eurrentexpenFurriiture and fivtures 71417 32 ses. Interest and taxes aaicl u va in OtherKeal Estáte 48.781 43 Divideads ■,n.e..1 ' L. CASH. tWBW) from haaks in reserve cities ... 151,679 32 DR'1' '-IIN Due from Trcasurer School Dist. No. 1, AnuArhor ]0,2#2 30 Commercial depositb subject rExcbanges for clearing: house 3,490 93 ,-w vjow ru Choclie and cash items 765 38 t'uet-K ] 98,582 2] ViekPls and i'eiits 324 57 oavingu Depriniti, .. 838 810 7q .loh,: 1'ÜOÜ0 SavingsOortmoate m[m „ l S and National Bank Notes 27,'üsn no ""'"""kiníllis.tíA:.... 22,663 91 S I'ATB 'F M CHIGAN, i „ O.487888 3e 11,437,393 y6 Uount ot lV!uraiw, fB81. rilarles E. Tilseock, cashier of the abovo namcd baak. do BOiemli .-,„,, th, ,., ib( r statement is truetothebest of my knowlcditcand belieí i hak f ;k„Ï "j?at. -tlt s.tii-ii-iLjcti audsworn to before me. this 6th day 'of Decpmber. JS niPOOOK, Castiier, COBRECi Attest: ChristianMack. W. D. HarrimaníEoíSící; S!?"7 PublieCapital, $50,000. Surplus, $150,000. Resources, $1,000,000. Transacta a general banking business; buys and sells'exchangesou New York, Detroit and Chicago; sells drafts on all the principal cities of EuroDe This bank, already having a large business, invites merchants and othera to open accounts with them with the assurance of the toost liberal dealinS? mn sistent with safe bankine. Cilli"K -"■ In the Savings Department interest at the rate of three per cent i n;i semi-arnually,ontheñrstdaysof January and July, ori ah sums' that were deposit ( d three months previous to those days, thns affordinethe neonle of thl city and county a perfectly safe depository for their funda, ioiether with a ï turn ia interest for the same. Atoney to loan on approved ecurities Directors.- Christian Mack, Daniel Hiscöek, WUUrl B Sniith W r Harriman, William Deubel, David Binsey, L. Grunèr. nutn, W. J) üfficers.- Christian Mack, resident; W.D. Kaninüin Vicc PrnirionfChas.E.Hiscock.Cashiei M. I. Fritz Ass't-Casliiei. resldeui