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Peace Becomes Greatness

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The Free Press says editorial]}': Nothing so becomes greatness as does peace. This was the sentiment of some English poet, flourishing when the empire was not trying to expand by extinguishing the heathen, or writifig Tinder Hcense oL special dispensation from the colonial secretary. It is recalled by the rapid spread of peace in the liepublican ranks of Michigan. The factional leaders in Wayne have shaken fists over the bloody chasro, and the power of a noble example is immediately manifest. Washtenaw swings into line. There was a political bailiwick full of trouble and all kinds of it. lts environments mark the highest attainments of our civilization and advancement. It is the seat of one of the world's greatest institutions of learning. It is rich in the bounties and beauties of nature. On every hand there is intelligence, reünement and culture. In the commouly accepted philosophy of existence, all these blessings would have meant gratitude, peace and good will. But it was not so. Satan ntered here jast as if it liad been Kentucky. The lat ter has its Goebel, its Brown, its Tajlor, its Ohinn and its Watterson. Even the ghosts of the ieparted are made campaign issues and the persuasivo power of the Winchester is openly invoked in the event f certain eontingencies. Washtenaw bad its Judson, Moran, Doane, Canfield, Stockwell and Allniendinger. They did not recall the shades tor political purposes or counsel appeal to the repeating rifle, but they üew at each other furiously through the courts and threatened a war of ünancial extermination. Now all is peace. Not a man acknowledges himself in the wrong, but when it came to the crucial test of a show-down, these warring patriots thought more of party harmony than of personal reveuge. They would rather triumph at the polls than in the forensic lists where costs follow and the right of appeal seems eternal. They have chosen wisely, and Wayne has a i'ight to grow chesty as a higli-toned exemplar.