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Arbuckles' Coffee

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Two Facts About It has set the standard of qua in. y Or ail competitors for the last thirty years. The strongest claim any competitor can make is tht his coffee is "just as good as ArbucklesV THflEE CONCLUSIÓN IZX ZtifiZt If Arbucki.3'. T?,r only Cíoftee to buy is Arovsek'es'. The rigfat thing is io insist on having Arbuckles'. ONo 72 Ne. 74. Noiseless Spring I No. 76 No. 78 ANSHne A School Bas. Taf3 Measure. Lady's Belt Buckle. An Album of Iliustrated Balarle! BwOm utZVllTS" BUverp,atedartisuode3isn. at Natural History. ; 'gSIPe?' fWWiiMï ' 10incoefaceP' L,,!,; c:„... itei 7 ffv postpaiJ o: reeuïpt of 3 cent Fif;y colored pioture3 ot Anima;., 0-,1 a HMÏrHi-ll ma" handso:rl0 colored f;n:-:jf!. ,- ..-i ïgsigj postase st-?i; a:'i? S sisnaselecied for their beauty and ranty ÍJj H iffif figí S'=í netiing. Sent post-paid on; ■' ' ,.p" - - j tures cat trora v. Tappers of Sent post.paid on rpocipt of 3 JBr HpSÍ'tíÍ'"'s receipt of li cent pastase j Jr' jfJ? " i:;L__ Arbjckl s r. -"' J f ecce. cent postase stamp a;ul 10 sisSgSKPpffl S!P liWiI stamP an:l i0 EiEnatttrcsjIcceiii cf "."„ostase stamp and atures cut frota wrappers oí ffi ' .;% S ;!Í! I ' ". ' '-..„'ï;?1 wraPPers of i Arbuckles' Roasi?d Coffee. Bp" '""K % _llll__ nvFoot No. 79. Pepper and SaU JBRi# ,;!.-„. .ii ijruui ng apart by itauniqueconstruciion. Holders. iSp:a._ No 7-3 Scholsrs' Comonr.iin Mca3UrmgTape. Nickel-plated and. liigbly flnlshed. _ fesöaa No. 73. scnoiais tomparison. - A very Enciosed L55i íTÜ I wiu wegh from A most useful article for sclo! d,..dr.n. ntehly ,, .. ,%, Sffcle ,-áX ediici Ö g SSSnSs" e? iS cll. pin holder. k , ■ , , -:; K farm' WHF"'' C C553 SSdloO "ílSL1" "sryIp;" i asáis K7 S&Sl JS SS?.. sgJgs.-ftg paid on re. i , , ,ÜSfy edlineñTape tended seam or Joint except where tops fes' BOasted ceipt of two il '-r WZ:-L-' Nífe5t-tí-í'r---' flay feet lcng, holds asmnch as a roffeet-np. Sent screw on and off. Sent post-paid CoHee %hen orcent postase lte'-i_J- Sent post-pnid on receipt of S. cent on receipt of 2 cent postase (leri ' name your stamp and 15 VSÊziz-- =- rescSpt of !í cent postase postase stan„ m„l stamp and 12 ïenatiires 1)earet ExprJe9s sisnatures cut tnm,. stamp and IS sigrnatnre cut from tures ent fr m rappers of trom wrappers of Arbuckles Qffi f from wrappers of Arbuckles' Roaated Coffee. wrappera of A rt.uckles' Hoasted Coffee. buckles' Roasted Coflte. j Eoasted Coffee. our post offlce N g e: No. 82 83 Anj one Book of the following List wifl be sent post-paid on receipt No. 9 ( Men's m ir maSSiSSSm of a 2 cent postage stamp and 10 signaturas out from The First Prayer. Suspenders. strop. IW the wrappers cf Arbuokles' Roasted Coffee. 1 AbeautlfulElastic Web . A doublé strop, fl No. 84 A ONE NIGH7 MY3TERY, ani two othergreat Detective Imported f Suspendere, K ' '1 o( canv'ai, ': BJr&drfiVllS No. 85 ADVENTURES OF A DASHFUL BACHELOR, by Clara & jÈ&'Jfjg inches In durable, ncat, v bounil together. j SDSíSrfe&Sí'kísg Adgusta. A inirtü provokina btory. t'"WL Sent wellmounted. tó Length, 22 Inohes, iftíES.átfíSuE No. C6 TEMPEST AND SUK3HINE. A Novell 51rs. Makv J. NlSS? Dost.iia.ld Sent M width.twoinohes, SöSSJKïafa&VS Holmes. The most popular fc-ni.;e wnter of lictlon of tbe age. aa JlPSga „„ ,"„„. niidonrc P trimminga nickel ?XMlL?; No. 87 THE SUNNYSIDE COOK BOOK. hy Mm. Jensie !siJ;. " rece"" . . „ 1% nlated Sent rty"?'" Harlan. Tuis is one of n comprehensive, common ipjgPTYBfe, of 2 cent ceiptoftwo „"." j "„ Éiyi sense C!oók Books ever publisbed. %SkíJíÍ K postase cent post. I i-eccipt of two íHÍ)n;íílS(ÍIBlK No. 88 OLD SECRETS AND NEW DISOOVERIES. Thia boot C stnmpand ase Btamp Vsyv I „ f , nandsome clotü, varie- uikea the reader out cfii'.e bi-aten traclcs of kpowledge, aad will B alm xMjjl&icr fF maiena. and 1( sis%,A v ,Y. sated flgnred pattern wlth be found both entertaiumg aud useful. W """", natures cut %%% WAtü?. Z7, frin"' " ÖClitJNo 89 THREE THOUSAND THINGS WORTH KNOW1NG, hy SfH f tUTCB out f rom wrap. ö'Y'- 5 post-pai;! om vocoiptl k Moore author of "Moore's I'r.iveral Assistant." Tbïs booK from wrapTiera of ArKif 11 from wrappers of , of tvo Ti;nt poütnso Is'anencj-clopediaof highly ustful ii.furmatiunincondensed form. I 1 buckles'Eoast M tfct V''" tírofeít ft"m tlapifra of No. 90 THE CITY OF DREADFUL NIGHT, and other pers of Arbuckles' Koaated Coffee. , ed Coffee. V@ Arbuokles1 Koastsd Coflfea.! by Rüuyak Kipi-inu. No. 92 No. O3 No. 94. A Basket of Beauties. No. 95 No. 96. Noah'S Ark. The First KÍSS TWO IS Company. A magnificent picture of Ross by Paul d ; Three BeaUtiful A menagerie, consisting of 12 paira of . T_ . , Lonspre, the great paínter of ilowi-rs. ir F'lower , -. „ _.. ■ . i ,1(lli(M The original ue)ieve [ni3 t0 be one of tuo hanriaemeat ,_ . _„ Animáis- Klephams, Camels, Deer. Horses, ,tm A beautiful i Lü ItIWJ was painted PlCtUreS. j&Sbí i tod Mt JL fililí J by Percyl Cattle, Donkeys. Goals. Llons. Bears, Tigers, Mk 'pTcture X5, QMWÍ "- " Yfe, .e tare san.Cats. Each pair lS coupled a,d LJ. 20 monea i n sáÉgfgSft „rfntíñKS te V,, 9JÍS ' "Summet Fragrance," stands alone. They are litbograpbed Ín wfY 'lf3a 81Ze' SCDt STWAJÉd ogenúine CI) lïiièli I ' A Vaseof Ulies," Bnd rjíany colors on heavy cardboard, cut out J9ífe3 post-paid ggS-ámfig ??íSí'"'(ílÉSfel- I'T""". Sweet.aml omhossed. Every feature of the Anima.. M&fcl f "e M&h , peiDchS 31 VlieSl' "T r'C'Urc;:U ' dslcuy shown. The .,ePhanta are 7 KKjLJfSuSKJÍYS ol ■ ccnI 6 !ont poítQ S;A1=&Kíii?tvvl"' -s s go together, and will be -3 yífcggtrJmj Postace 'Sg ƒ' p:liil onl CvSit-fai UP" 't Ius:-l:id on ; inohcs high and 10 inches long, and theother nEEflgrS stamp and ; ÊsÊ0? MJ twif'c e n í ■ Z_I_Ü!Í ceipt ot 2 cent Animáis are proportionately large. Sent 'Wfadfr JweV'cTt r-p Ï,1S,VV5S nowplcture.roftltothepv:wio. lt Mf "a;,"V PO-t-paid on reeeipt of 3 cent poa.a. VfST! from wrap. '.S 10 signa8l6x25 inche in slze. Sent post-paW n:itures cut , 15 9isnatu,.„ cut from "om p I - I tures cut on reneipt of tt cent postase stami :inl , pera of Arbuekles' Mainp an w swnaiuirj 1 ' Perc of Ar' frnm wrappera of Arbuctles' Roasted 10 sicnnture cut from wrappers of Rna,t,.,i cofl"e wrappersof Arbuekles' Koaaied Corlee, buckle1 Boasted Coffee. Coffae. buokles' Roasted Coffee. No. 97. Eighty-one Cold Eyed Needles. j- No. I OO ■I , Putupina Í7 No-99 É Safety t - BH ■L__ pretty mor'L_ga;v (jo_ gg " -TTíTn A Pocket Mlrror tfliji i rfTDflL -■',. . " i n Book "■ tl a PM occo case, ast--ajJ í ■' ': 'lila . „,„,, "3 Contains ü, 11 S Borted sizea, r-SS Halr Pin Cabinet ' _'_á,iM and Como. g H@ twenty-tour W r WBÊH and made by ,íLfft Ef' v. BHHi nickel - plated a n the best EngvJwV A metal bsx lithographed i j! l " neHt leher BMSw gafety-PiDS IfflB Hs Iishmanufac!ois&iáa in colors, containmis One , í' ..„í'.matlon case witb l4lftSAiáÍMSjfeÍ5,aS three sizes JJi Mi M turers. Sent LfRI& Hundred Hair Pms, astil i cumWntttlon ca3e' wltn HrTtflf whlLl1 entcr -I Jr.-lw I TH Doat-paid Htíllfi T sorted sizes and styles: wj !l whlie metal frame. I.&ISlMlIMl!l tbe Bhields BSbestSSU KL B í.n „.!. sWï&JlvL straight, crimpled und inI ] i brtiftU' #"81 fren either PëotD eyed n-edleISI B Hp ? f.í éíJiSIB visible. The different I jilí Sent post-paid on lisHfflMBfits side, requiring fc--. nmr kíarüiuh Já írJH Bp , ot - cul SlKI styles are in separate com - BBIEHwIIbsBm n0 guidns gj-KujjH Sl ■! postase BW-r partments. Sent post. ; V,jreceiptf cent WSK eXSmSSi wben teme ftl jyTT I í Btamp and MSS! Paid on receipt of ' RcJÉ stamp and I H eecured or ret - II IgH W- S 20 siena4gP-"u "Ï, cent postace atamp í . V ■ ""'-lfc'' r H Bl leased. 5ent II n fl I tf-ai IS L .„.„, cui LT'VplxO and 10 sisnatures cut J x . y gCuatures cut from H99 MBW powt-pniil on I H H 3B ■7= tOSse!- from wrappers of Ari V B i-i'ieiiit of '2 f" from f'rf" t"r- KOMted Coffee. jS i wrappers of Arbuckles' HHHHBwBM crrosiace I ffiBB ' PerS, ,„=.r" VOJiiii.i"!!lilllillllW Eoasted Coffee gtamp.and 8 sisnature cut from I í fer?M=g buckles =5;S' ohiwwiuw, wrappers of ArbucKlea' Koasted Coffee. 1 ' I TBBÏ Eoasted Cof .___ This represeuts one page of a List which is found in eacH Thls Is a picture of the P" - - - - pound paekage of Arbuckles' Kcasted Coftee, and with eacH nature on Arbuckles' Roasted ji Jfï package in wliich the List is founrt the purebaser has bought Coffee Wraoper which you ara Jl i M J SI SJ a deflnite part of some article to be selected by him or her to cut olut and send to us as a ƒ. f JSf] A k trom the List, subject onlyto the condition that the ignature louche? Ál K Mr j4r Ui C LA VíO on the package ia to be cut out andreturned to Arbuokle Bros. T. other part o, the Coflee AvlAfltT VfMi L&%LlLWlSL Wrappur wlll be accepted as a " " I th, nct xvüi ha kTit good unlv tin My 31. 1900. Another rcCeSteerdnaOsrsuch.'"S PiCt"re L' OME OF OVK 8I0HATPBEB ABE PKISTED OXBED BACKgEOüNg,, WK "'■ "'t wtll appear in thls paper Bhortiy. Address all Communications to ARBUCKLE BROS.. NOTION DEPT-, NEW YORK CITYB N. Y.