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THE STORE. 42nd ANNUAL FALL OPENING SALE 42nd SATURDAY, NEXT WEEK, OCT. 28, 1 899. The event that marks our Business Birthday is always looked forward to with eager expectation as the day is always set apart as a gala event instituted for the purpose of assembling under our roof vast throngs of our patrons and friends and giving expression to our appreciation of the favors we have received f rom them during the past year by placing our entire stock at their disposal at pnces shorn of profit to ourselves and rich in savmg pTssibiïities to patrons. This year with many new departments added to our business the sale will be the most important we have ever held. YOUR EVERY WANT SUPPLIED FROM ONE OF OUR FOUR FLOORS. 2 1 DïSTmCT bLFáKTnmrj CONTRÏPUTE5 EYERY NECE551TT OF THE 5EÍ50N. __ _ - - - - &mm Mig. Competition PRICESTUMBLE EVERYWHERE FOR ONE DAY. Heavy Golf cape cloth now in great demand, worth L4.50, one day $3 75. One lot of 54-in. Golf cloth for capes and skirts in all colors, wonb Í2.75, at $2.25. $4-yd. Plaid Shirt patterns worth $2.50 yard, at $2. One lot 50-in. Plaids worth $2, at 1.75. One lot 50-in. Plaids, worth $1.75 at, 1 45. One lot 54-in. Plaids, worth $1.60, at 1.25. One lot 48-in. Plaids, worth $1.25, at 1.00. One lot 45-in. Plaids, worth $1.00, at 75c. Just received a new lot of Venetian cloth in blue, castor, red and brown, worth $1.35, at 1.00. 54-in. Camel's Hair in greys and blues, worth 1.50, selling at 1.25. 54-in.lCamel's Hair in greyssand blues, worth $1.25, selling at 1.00. Silk and wool Dress Patterns, worth $2 50 a ard, one day 2.00 yard. 44-in Covert Cloth worth $1 65, one day 1.40. 50-in Botany Worsted Finetta cloth in all shades, worth $1 35, at 1.00. 50-in Botany Ansgar cloth in greys and fawn and red and black mixed, worth $1 00. at 85c. , 48-in. Botany Worsted Cheviots and Granite Weaves in =1', wortn $1.00, at 80c. t' „ , , 48in Botany Worsted Storm Serges in all =Mdes, wor ocone day b: Choice of 20 pieces of Storm Serges ir,, all colors; camel's hair anaTTövelties, worth 65c, one c'.ay 50c. One lot of sUk and wool novelties, 45c goods, going at 29c. ■ Yoür'choice of 50 pieces in plaids and novelties, 35c goods, at 25c; one lot of 25c goods to close out at 25c yard. Priestley's. Gold Medal Mills. Botany Tz - - Blaol Dress Goods fefètö We are sole agents in this city for these celebrated makes. In our Forty-second Fall Opening Sale they are priced: Priestly's Silk Mixed Dress Goods, 6-yd patterns, one style of a kind, gglÜworth $3. 50, at $3.00 per yd. Silk Mixed Flat Crepon, worth $3.00, one day, $2.50. Mohair Crepons, blister and dotted effects, $2.75 quality, one day $2.25. Mohair Crepons, blister and striped effects, I2.50 quality, one day $2. Mohair Crepons, small and large patterns, worth $2, 1.90, 1.75, 1.65, 1.5, 1-35 1-25 1I5' for one day $1-7S I-65 I-5 l-$5 I-2S 1.15, 1.00, 90c. Black Sicilians worth $1.25, 1.00 and 75c, selling at $1.00, 80c and 60c. Black Briiliantines, worth $1.00, 65c, 50c, 30c, selling at 85, 50, 35,25c. Fancy Black Goods worth $1.25 and 1.00, selling at $1.00 and 80c. Black Serges and Henriettas worth $1.50, 1.25, 1.00, 90c, 80c, 65c, 35c, selling at $1.25, 1. 00, 90c, 80c, 65c, 48c, 29. 100 yards short ends of Dress Goods, enough for Waists, Skirts and Short Dress Pattern on our Remnant Table at Half. LÍÑÍÑGDEFT iï&gfzrz) A ful1 line of colors in Mercerized Cotton the 5oc AW&sSZ) quality at 45c. íc sÊÊÈÊr One lot of Mercerized Cotton' sellir)g everywhere for íejlfclÍl 4OC our Price 3SC, , TlÉiüi f sPun Gloss and Oriental silk in a11 s w0 3c Jm Á Orient2alC'silk and Near Silk in all colors worth 25c 5$?$ SeaatIslaCnd Silk and Skirt Lining in all colors, worth LilNINGS 25c at 20c. Super Satin Antique Lining in all colors, worth 45c at 35c. One lot black and colored Taffeta, the 15c quality at i2c. Tuxedo shrunk facing, in black and colors, worth 25c, our pnce 20c. Tuxedo shrunk facing, in black only, worth 20c, our pnce 15c SÏÏd'ïï'bffbeiffi SilSs and Percalines in black and colors. ao inch Satin finish Silesia, worth 40c at 30c. to pieces of Silesia in black and colors, worth 25c, se ing a 20c. 10 pieces of Silesia in black and colors, worth 20c, se ing at 15c. o Seces oí Silesia in black and colors. worth 15c selling at i2c. o pieces of Silesia in black and colors, worth lajic, selling at ioc Feders Pompadour Skirt Protector, every yard guaranteed, worth 9 selling at 7c. ■S H M. Velveteen, worth 7c, selling at 5c. 24 inch French Hair Cloth, 60c quality, selling at 50c. 16 inch Hair Cloth, worth 30c at 25c. Sewing Silk at 7c spool, worth 10c spool. One lot of Belding Sewing Silk to close at per 100 yard spool 5c. LdDlE5' FURNÏSÏ1ÏNQS m 1RT Q00D5 í All Special Priced for our 42c! Fail Opening. Plain and dotted Veiling, Black, White, White on Black, Black on White, Browns and Blue 25c. 35c and 50c. Black Pattern Veils all pure Silk at 50c. White Patterns, t ï-8 yard in a pattern 25c, 35c and 50c. PillowTops in all colors and designs 25c, 40c and 50c. Embroidered Pillow Covers all colors and designs 95c, gt.oo, $1.50. Irish Point Pillows Shams 50c, 75c, $1.00, 1.50, 2.00. Irish Point Dresser Scarfs, 35C 4oc, 50c, $1.00. Side Board Scarfs 35C. 4OC 50C $L ooDrapery Silks in all the new colors and design 25c, 50c, 60c, $1.00. Pillow cords in all colors, in Silk 15c, Cotton cords 10c. Knit Baby Jackets in plain white, blue and white, pink and white 25c, 45c, 50c, $1.00, 1.50. Bootees to match above colors 25c, 45c, 50c, 75c. Ice Wool Fascinators 36 in square in black and white 50c, 75c, $1.00. Shetland Wool Fascinators 36-in. square in black and white 25c, 50c. 10, 9 and 7-in cushion forms at 18e, 15c and 10c. Skein silk worth 40c per doz selling per doz 25c. Pk Spool silk worth 10c per spool selling at per (fl-dpyii Djp.-.TZd.vie'apreads 36-in square all colors 25c, 50c ''jÊjiÊÊÊl ak and Ash Towel Rings each 10c. 'KsÉ&li!ÍP Enamel Towel Rings each 10c. ■'MMaÊfÊ Pillow cushion forms 18 and 20-in filiad with silk [fejfe floss 29c. "5SjpPg5g5Sr Sand Silks in all colors per spool 5c. yfvWmri Spool Silks worth 25c selling at per spoic. Jj Soiled Doihes' selling at 1-4 off. ] 9-in Battenburg Patterns selling at 5c. 15-in Battenburg Patterns selling at 10c. 18-in Battenburg Patterns selling at 15c. Battenburg Braid 2c per yard - 36 yards for 40c. Covered and Uncovered Down Pillows all sizes special price for sale. BRASS PICTURE FRAflES. Brass Picture Frames Oval, Square and Round at 25c, 45 c,Ó5c. Ladies Fancy Safety Pins 3c, 5c, 10c. Ladies Fancy S:de Elastics in Red, Blue, Pink and White at 25c. Sterling Silver Thimbles 25c. ■ J&K 25c Linen Tablets at 19c. sLj$mife 1 line of stationary 11c worth 25c. aÖJË'-X Ladies Elastic Jetted Belts 85c, $1.00, 1.25. & ;-3' Ladies Cut Steel Belts $i;oo. g, Wmg&ii Ladies Black and White beaded Belts $1.00. ÍJilP% Ladies Elastic Mourning Belts $r. 00. HHkP ftBÉ'l Ladies Black and colored Leather Belts 10c, 25c, 50c, MK Sted5Belts'Buckles 40c, 50c, 60c. Bf'llifllilP Fancy Belt Buckles 25c, 50c, 75c. i U) Stock collar clasp in Steel and Fancies 25c. u Gold filled Cuff Buttons at 60c. Gold and Pearl Cuff Buttons at 25c. Ladies Dress Skirt Pin in Fancy and Black oc and 25c. The Latest in Hair Clasps 20c and 35c. New Style Back Comb plain and set with Jewels 25c, 50c, 75c, ?i.oo. j Plain Pompadour Combs 25c, 50c. Spanish Pompadour Combs with Jewels and Plain 20c, 25c, 50c Beautiful Jeweled Pompadour Combs $1.50. LADIES' AND CHILDREN'S Qloves and Mittens. Infants fine wool mittens pink, blue and white 15c. : Infants fine wool mittens white and red 25c. Infants fleece lined kid mittens 50c and 75c. 1 Boy's and Girls Scotch Gloves 25c all colors. Childrens doublé black wool mittens 15c and 25c. Boy's fleece lined kid gloves 50c and 75c. Misses fleece liaed kid mittens 50c. LADIES' QLOVES AND HITTENS. Ladies' Scotch wool gloves exclusive styles Kí' 25c, 35c and 50c. Í8Mra!Sá3w1'S Ladies1 black cash. gloves 25c. i'PSk, Ladies' Mocha gloves, black, brown, tan, !MlH'Ï slate and red $1.00. KftlM'MA Ladies' real kid gloves embroidered back, tpOspfg?-! c colors and black $100. WlMl l Ladies Gray Mocha gloves, Adlermake $1. 25 'S W&Tjpj&'! Ladies' silk lined mocha gloves, black, red, { (J ■"-[&$) gray and castor shades $1.50. . Ladies' heavy pique sewed kid gloves for street wear $1.00. Centemeri's new 3 clasp Suede gloves black, brown, mode and slate $i.5c Ladies' fine suede gloves white and light tints $1.25. jígP Tables of 7Y Siiks. TABLE NO. i - Plaid, Slripe and Figured Corded Taffetas, was $1.00, 1.25 and 1.50, for this sale 76c. TABLE NO. 2 - Plaid and Stripe Corded Silks, was 75c, for this sale 39c. TABLE NO. 3 - Stripe and Figured Silks, was 50c and 75c, for this sale 26. Press Triipijiiijgs. We are making a big showing of Embroidered Silks and Clvffons so popular this season for dress enrichments in Black, White and Colors. Embroidered Broadcloth with cut out figure, 25-?n. wide $6. 50. j Embroidered Taffeta with cut out figure and lace aplique in White, "Black and Black and White $4.00, 4.50, 6.00, 6.50, 7.50. Embroidered Taffeta in Gold and Sirver L6.00. Embroidered Taffeta with hand painted figure $6.50. Embroidered Chiffon in Black, White and Black and White, $1.00, 2.00, 4.00 and 4.50. Spangled Nets, 25 -in wide, in Jet, Steel and Silver, $1.50 up to 5.00. Dainty Aplique Trimmings - A new line af handsome effects in delicate colorings; also all White and All Black from -in to 4-in wide, 5c up to $1.50. A full line of Point Laces, Venetian Bands, in widths from one inch to 6-in wide at 25c to #2.00. Black Silk Fringes so popul2r this season in all the correct widths from 25c to $1.15. Aplique Ornaments, Jet and Spangled Ornametits in Black and White, 25c to $2.50. Jet Collars, Jet and Steel with pendents from $2.00 to $4.50. Silk, Jet and Steel Passementries in all widths from inch to J-ia. 10c to $4.00 per yard. Pearl Trimming from }4 inch to 5 from 15c to $4.00. Chiffon and Muslin de Soi and Liberty Silk in all shades. Fur Edge in all colors and widths. Fur Heads and Tails from i2c to $1. LADIES' AND CHILDREN'S Fall and Winter ftose. Ladies' 25c black cotton hose, full regular Jm extra long, spliced sole, high spliced heel, ST vÜ t Ladies' extra heavy black cotton hose 25c. WV Ladies' heavy black fleeced lined hose 10c and g=a JMffiL$Èi[ Ladies' fleece lined hose light and heavy VySwlKíy wüight (our own special make) 25c, 35c, 50c. JwlWc' Ladies black cotton hose fleeced lined, maco (yfflMw Ladies'' fine black cashmere hose, plain and mj % llM Ladies' heavy black cashmere hose, ribbed leg XffiMk with high spliced ankles, 25c and 35c. 7 J Ladies' extra heavy black cotton hose 3 thread heel and toe, 2 pair 25c. Ladies' fast black cotton hose 10c or 3 pair 25c. An unequalled assortment of ladies' lace lisie and silk lisie hose at per pair 50c. Ladies' fancy hose 25c and 35c per pair. Boys' extra heavy 25c black cotton hose 19c pair, 3 pair 50c. l Boys' heavy fleece lined hose 15c per pair. Children's extra heavy fine ribbed black fleece lined hose 25c per pair. 'i Boys' and girl's ribbed black cashmere hose light and heavy weight, 40c ' and 50c per pair. Infant's cashmere ribbed hose, spliced heel and toe, black, tan, pink, blue, white and red 25c. o Infant's black cashmere hose, sizes 4, 4% and 5, 5c and 10c. Misses' fiine ribbed black cashmere hose 50c per pair.