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Ann Arbor Savings Bank

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REPORT OF THE CONDITION OF THE At Xnu Atboi, Michigan, at the close of business, Dec. 1, 1898. RESODROEP. UAB1LIT1ES. Loausand Discounce, f437 953 Stocks, Bonds, Morts-aires 659,911 59 CaPilal 8tock paid in $ 50,000 00 United States and Mich. State Bonds 24,'7OO (10 Surplus fund, 150,1)00 00 BlnkinHoüsë-"-':::.";:;::;;;;:".";;;;; üo1;! oo ün(iirlded proflts less current exPenFurniture and Fiitures 7417 32 8es, interest and taxes paid 14,964 16 Other Heal Estáte 48,78143 Divldends unpaid 398 00 CASH. 'i froir hankf in reerro cities ... 351 (!79 32 DFVPOPTT"'. Uu {■ nn Trasurer School Dist. No. Ai 11 nor...;; 30 CouiniPreial deposita, subject to Ex. hii"s:!S for i-learinp house 3. ,90 )3 check 1oquK hrcB ano casi, itemf 7K 88 o A" JW.562 . irKpw .„i.-ems :t4 S7 savin DepnsitR SJ8.610 79 '!ollco;' lO.SfW 50 Savinas Certitlcstes of Deposits, .. 101 204 9 jlx Súd Ntionii büü wötei;::.." ; t Uue to Banks and Bantore -_j 11,487,898 36 $1 437 393 a i'ountyof Waslitennw. f88[.Charlds F. Hiscock, caehier oí thi ancve namril bank. t oiecanly swear that ! e ivbbve statemeut is true to the best of my knowlodjrf apd belipf (has. K. Hiscock, Casbier. Subscri ■ rt anduworn to before me, ibis 6ib rtsy oi Decpmber, tvf, Michaki I "fUTZ, Notary Publio. C)BisCT Attrst: Christian Maek. W. D. Harnoian. L. Grun.r, Direotore. Capital, $50,000. Surplus, $150,000. Resources, $1,000,000. Tiansnets a geueral banking business; bnys and sells exchangeson New Vork, Detroit and Chicago: .ipIIs dr;fts on all the principal cities of JEurope This bank, already having a large business, invites merchantsand others Ui open accounts with them with t np assurance oí the most liberal dealing consistent with safe banking. In the SavingP Dppnrtmeiit interest at thp ratP of three per cent. ia paid ■iHini-fi. uuall) , ou the örst ilaji ni Jaiinarv iuid Jiily, üï. ,d sums that were 'lep sitt r"thiee niontlis previons tn those days, thns aifuiamg ihepeople of this city aud county a perfectly safe depository for their funds, together with a return in interest for the same. Money to loan on approved securities. Dirkctors.- Christian Mack, Daniel Hiscock, Wlllarti B. Smith, W. D Harriman, William Deubel, David Rinsey, L. Gruner. Christian Mack, Tresident; W.D Harriman, Vice-Pceslrten Chas. b. Hiscock, Cashiej M. I. Frite Asa't-Cashier.