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What State Tax Commission Will Find Out About Us

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Dnring the year ending July 1, 1899, there were 610 transfers in real estáte in Washtenaw county, the consideration for which aggregated $840,7a(). Tlie assessed valne of the property tlms transferred was in 1898, $727,689, indicatiug, if this class of figures" are worth much,.that Washtenaw county is assessed at 87 per cent. of its cash valne, a fact, we take it, which will be equalled ty but few ■counties in the state. These figures were obtained for the commission by the register of deeds -and the county treasurer, the register makiug out a description of the transfers and the consideraron, and the treasurer inserting the assessed valuation of these descriptions in the years 1890, 1894 and 1898. These transfers are taken in order, and are not tabulated by cities and towns, that work being left for the tax commission office. Before these returns were sent to Lansing the Argus was given an opportunity to make a tabulation from them and consequently is able to announoe what the state tax commission will find in reference to Washtenaw county. The announced purpose of the tax commission is to secure an equalization of taxes throughout the state as well as betweeñ towhship and town■ship. It is fair to presume that they intend using these figures for that purpose. Consequently the publicación of these figures can have no influence against the taxation of any comiimnity, as they , will be givén official promulgation by the state tax commission before the next animal session of the supervisors. They were compiled by the Argus reporters without any knowledge of where they strook or who would be hit by them! Jlt must be said of the figures that exact justice cannot be done without a knowledge of the circumstances of the transfer of each piece of proper ty. Por instance, a piece of property may have been built 011 after the assessment and theu transfered. Aiiother illustration noticed by the Argus compilers was in where a brewery property was sold for $1,000. It was down on the assessment roll at $8,000. If this transfer were to f be eliminated from the Manchester list, instead of that township being assessed at 93 per cent. of its value, as shown iu the table the percentage would drop to 78. Other illustrations of the same kind could be given, although only one other would have so niarked an effect. That is a property in Scio, where the consideration for the transfer is given at f12,825 and the assessed valuation only $1,800. If this transfer were eliminated instead of its being shown by the table that Scio assessed at 83 per cent. of its value, it woiild be shown that its perceutage was 116. Aiiother illustration may be given from Ypsilanti city as to the effect one single transfer has tipon the percentage table. In this city a Mr. Rathfon bought some property assessed at $4,800 for $15,000. If this one transfer had not beeii made, Ypsilanti's percentage wonll have jumped from 77 to 83. How the tax commission, viewing the matter at adistance, eau teil what property to eliminate from the tables to make them just, is beyond the Argus ken. The table indicates that thore is a wide range in the assessments from 59 per cent. in Augusta to ,134 per cent. in Northfield. At the, next sossion of the supervisors its members, to do their various localities justice, must be posted on all transfers of property. The following table shows the immber of transfers iu each city or township from July 1, 1898, to July 1, 1899, the aggregate consideration for the sales, the amount at which the property was assessed and the percentage of the assessed valuation to the amount for wkich the property sold : No. Cons'ilAsscssi'd l'er Transfers eratin. 1XP8 cent. Ami Arbor 141 $192,960 8166,644 86 Ypsilanti 99 123.437 94,99 77 Aun Albor lowii 12 39,300 ' 37,6JJ 96 AligUSta 87 32,cS;". 18,925 59 JJiidgewater 19 24,900 22,270 89 Dexter 8 12,900 12,050 90 Freedom 4 L0,575 11,100 105 Godi ....14 22,008 16,900 77 Lyndon (5 33,000 10,200 79 Lima S 17,100 19,050 1 1 1 Manchester 42 51.258 47,450 93 Nortbüera 21 16,154 20,110 124 PittMeld 1. 32,025 30,900 96 cialein 10 16,155 J8,530 84 Saline ' 19 :;2..c78 33,095 102 Scio 30 39,806 32,950 83 íáharon 20 31,54-5 36,3áO 1 15 Superior 6 20,380 2o, 20o 99 íSvh'rtli 52 58.125 40,475 76 Webster 5 4.100 5.i;0o 122 York 34 32,210 29.975 93 Ypsílanti town S 11,906 9,050 85 610 $840,726 $727,689 87