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State Tax Commission May Raise Cain With Us

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The state tax commission will "raie Cain" in varions parts of thé state if its figures on whieh it proposes to work are worth anything.. The publication of the fabulation of the figures as was obtained in yesterday s Argns has excited widespread interest. That they were faulty in certain instances was clearly shown here. That the assessments are nneqnal or there are some peculiar circumstances conuected with certain transfers in any one locality,may easily be demonstrated. In Aun Arbor, for instance, the assessment was 86 per cent. of the consideration made in the deeds, vet here one piece of property assessed at $6,600 sold for $2,000, while one piece asscsseo at 900 sold for $4,000. In Ypsilanti, where the per cent. was 77, one piece assessed at $4,800 sold for $15,000, while another assessed at $5,000 sold for $2,000. In Aim Arbor town while property assessed at $4,800 sold for $500, other property assessed at $700 sold for $1,200. In' Augusta, while one property assessed at $300 sold for $2,400, another assessed at $335 sold for $100. In Lyiidoii, property assessed at $4,100 sold for $3,000. while another piece assessed at $ 1,000 sold for $2,100. In Lima, property assessed at $2,400 sold for 1,000, while property assesesed at $500 sold for $1,200. In Manchester, property assessed at 1, 600 sold for $3,000, while property assessed at $8,000 sold for SI, 000. In Northfleld au assessment of $900 sold for $150, while one of $700 sold for 1.000. In Pittsfleld two pieces oi' property assessed at $800 eaoh sold for $1,600 and; $340. In Salem, property assessed at $3,000 sold for $5,000, while another piece asesssed at $1, 100 brought $700. Í In Scio property assessed at $1,500 .brought $12,825, While property assessed " at f 2, 300 sold for $1,200. Jn Sharon, property assessed at $2,750 sold for $1,200, 'while a $200 tract sold for $450. In Sylvan, property assessed for $1,300 sold for $6,000, while property asseesedat $900 brought $200. These differences are nndoubtedly uot due so nmch to error of jndgraent on the part of assessors, as the eonsidwations named do not always represent the real oonsideration or the real cash vahie of the property. If snch unusual assessments could be eliniinated from the tables - and they exist in every towuship - the number of tranfers being small, a far different table of percentages wonld be arrived at tban is represented by the tax comniission's figures. Assuming, however, that these figures were acted npon in preparing a report of a committee on equalization just as they stand, 14 townships of the county would be lowered and six raised. And it would be no small $10,000 or 15,000 addition or reduction. While Lima would be lowered $220,000, Augusta would be raised 1326,000. While Aim Arbor town would be lowered f 115,000, the sand hills of Lyndon would be raised $82,000. To put it in another way, while Lima's share of the state and connty tax would be lowered a third, Augusta' would be increased three-fifths. While Aun Arbor town would save an eighth of its state and oounty tax. Lyndon would have to pay nearly a quarter more. While the city of Ann Arbor would have to pay a tenth more state and connty tax and Ypsilanti a sixth more, Webster's would be a third less. Aocordng to the figures sent the tax commission, the property in Lodi is worth twice that in Northfield. Who believesitv According to these figures, Lodi is worth $170,000 more than Saline. Who believes that ? While doubting the value of these figures, the Argus believes the figures of the board of supervisors also radieally wrong. The whole systeni oí equalization is unjust, and a county cominission which should look up riiese -ales and assessmeiíts, and elimínate such as were of an unusual charaeter and had no relation to the relative valué of property, wonld arrive at au equalization radieally different from either the figures obtained from usins the tax commission figures without elimination or the equalization oí the board of supervisors. To show what kind of "Cain' the tax cyomimssioii would raise if its plan had no flaws in it and equalization oould be reduced to a mathematica] eertainty, we. have prepared the following table sliowing the total assessed valuation, the tax conmiissions actual valnation : the present equalized valnation and the equalized valuation which would result if the tax commissions figures were strictly c-arried out. The table is as follows: Assessed Aceual Present Tax (;oinini s'i Vuluation. ValuailOD. Equtü. Val. Equal. VaJ Ann Arboi' city $7.270,14:! $8,450,001) $o. 750,01)0 $6,442.00) Ypsilanti city .-. 3,025.275 3.929,000 2.585,000 299-i.()00 A un Albor tovvn 907,925 946.000 835,000 70,000 Augusta 653,850 1.108.000 519,000 845,000 BlidiïfWiVter 77Í5.1SO 870.000 723,000 004 000 Pfxler 558,120 020,000 490,000 473.000 Freedom S24.70 785.000 . "()S9,0dO 600,000 Lima 77,7S0 719.000 77-3, 0(H) 549,000 íahU 1,01(5.400 1,320,000 SS0.000 l.OOó.OiH) Lyndon 408,900 581.000 3öl ,000 443 uoo Manchester 1,307.050 1,405.000 1.100.000 1071,000 Northüekt 832,100 071 .000 6r "00 512 000 Pittstiekl 1.103,620 1,1-50,000 1,063,000 S77'oOO Salem S4!),27O 1.011,000 856,0; 0 771 OOU Saline 1,175,250 1.152,000 '.074,000 878 000 Scio.. 1,180,900 L.423,000 1.230,000 1 (4,000 Sharon 874,200 760,000 712.000 579.000 Superior 1.054.22(1 1.053,000 912.000 803 (Kr Syivan 1.154,025 l,.MS,000 1,030,000 1,157 OOÖ Webster 861,590 706.000 810.000 538.000 York 1 ,279.225 1,375,000 1,01 1,000 1 ,048.000 Ypsilanti town 1 ,057, 130 1 .244,000 908.000 947.000 Total $29,002.973 32,796.000 25.000.00" 26,000 000