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i::i::.i::#.' NERVOUS,WEAK, 1 DISEASED MEN. 1 SNOCURE-NOPAYra Wá THE NEW MET1I0D TREATMENT, M uU original with Drs. K. & K., wíll J ■ tively cure forever any foriii of Bloed or ■ ■ Sexual diseaee. It is the result of 30 I ff years' experience in the treatinent of H 4J these aiseases. I 1 JWECURESYPHILISH P3 This terrible Blood Poison, the terror K 111 of mnnkiml, yields readily to our NEW I il ■ TREATMENT. Beware of Mercury, ■ I Potash, etc. Theyinayruinyoursystem. I HB Tf you have sores in the mouth or tongue, I a% I'aïns i tho joints, sore throat, hair or f3 UU eyebrows falling out, pimplesor blotches, u pj Btoraach derangement, sore eyes, rm ÏJJ aches, etc, yoa have the secondary stage fj ■H of this Blood Poison. We solicit ihuln k% Ili0?t' obstinate case?, and challenge the 2 u world for a eu?=e we accept for treatment lAj Hand cannot cure. Jiy our treatinent the H H ulcera heal, the hair grows again. pain8 H fW disappear, the skin becomea healthy, und BH 1 a marriage Í3 possible and safe. a% BcURESGÜARANTEEDg rW Thouf-aail oí young and niiddle-aged HÍ lp men bftve their vigor and vitality Fapped I Ji M by early iljueí, later excesses, mental Uj ■ worry, etc. No matter the cause, our H BB New ilethod Treatmeut is the rtiuge. WWECUREIMPOTENCYÏÏ LJ id restore all parts to a normal rJ Wi I "'"■ Ambition, Hfo and energy are BH ■Ja nowed, and one feels himseíf a man 14 Ifcl a iiKing men. Every case is treated UJ ju vidually- no cnre-all- henee our I BH ful succeps. Xo matter what ails you, ■ [ra consult s confidentially. We can Q M nish bank bonds to guarantee to Ijj N plish what we claim. Mj m L50,000 CURED m LlJ We treat and cure: EMISSIONS, jJ ■ VARICOCELE, SYPHILIS. (4LEET. ■ ■ STRICTURE, IMPOTENCY, SECRET ■ ■ DRAINS. UNNATURAL Pi PI ES. KIDNEY and BLADDER DiseaFes. 143 lij CONSULTATION FREE. BOOKS fft n FREE. If unable to cali, write for P lJ QUESTION BLANK for HOME HM M TRliATMEXT. ffl ■Kennedy Kergan R 13 Cor, Michigan ,' 2. and Shelby St. n Ly ' DETROIT, MICH. MJ K HAIR SWITCH FREE Aj ON EASY CONOITIONS. Mm. ".tl Cut this ad. out and mail to ny. Senrï a fVJr small sample of your telóse to the ,'M roots. SKND SO SO.NEY; we wi!i mak e and yf; A send you by mail, postpaid, a FINE HUM N iïfmlitt HA!R SWITCH, " ejaft maich. made r IViwPV incties long trom selected human hrur. E ■ JP 2íí ounces, short stem. We will ineloee %J# lil in package with switch suificient postale j'JÊkyvM return ït to usif not perfecilj saiKfafiorr. lAilflBSKf butif found exactly as representedand v!:iv'F most extraordinary valué and you w i.-a mW'.ljk to keep it. elther send usfl .50 by mail nllhin yf . 10 dnv, í,r'J Ákí! OUIlKIiS r()R ü SVtlTtlltS l & AT 1-50 KAtl1 araong your friends und vr'Jfif send to ns without any monoy. we to Eend jNmrF A) the 3 switches to them dii-ect bv mail, i'lPe ' m to te f'ai f"r 10 days af ter received if M#lgj perfectlyatisf)icrory.andvnueantlit.-ü hae L wïmfëSk l'ie switel11 we suu yon f rep furyonr t ron ble. oH'lEJJff Weplve Planos, Oranv, Sewing Hachintb, éI -lirl Dlshes Furniture, Wntíhc, Bíevclcs, EN ■v4Jteá Cambras and otber premiums far tukior fejÍÉr tiiSK Oifiers Tor Oor Switches. One ladvfnrrifi! mJr Ijljj piano In flfteeo days, une a SewlDe'ílachine In 2 Ja6. Order a Swfteh at once or wrlteto-duyfor FREE PREMIUM OFFER. Arfdress, Ladies' Hair Emporium, Chicago. C. H. St. CLAIR, SECOND HAND GOODS. &r ois of all deseriitions boujrhr and eold. Furniture and Sfoves Repaired :ïdi-ill N. FOUltTH hT.