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A Bewitched Beefsteak

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('liarlos E. Tripler, the farnous experiinenter iu liquid air, recently went to Boston to visit his friend, Elihu Thompson, the eleetrieal expert. lio took with hiin i can of liqueíied air. It was a simple can and might have heki baked beaus cold coffee, so far as its ontward appearance weut. But it contained a fluid so cold that a cake of ice acts on it liUe fire on water. It makes it boíl. lt is so cold that it freezes alcohol stíffi and turas mercury into a substance hard enough to drive nails with. It was a quart of the coldest thing on eartta that Mr. Tripler had in his tin can, and he took It with liini to luncheon, where he put it on the floor by his cliair. They limched iu a hotel cafe and ordered a steak. After it had been brought In and whilo the walter's back was turued Mr. Tripler lifted it from the platter, opened the can and exposed the nieat to the liquid air. When. he put it back on the platter, it was as hard as a rock. "Waiter." called Mr. Tripler, "come here!" The waiter obeyed. "What's the matter with this steak?" he asked anxionsly. Auil he lifted t from the plate by two fingere and struck it with hia knlfe. The frozen meat rang like a bell. "I d-d-on't k-n-now. sir," he faltered, and he started l'or the head waiter on the run. Mr. Tripler, by the way, la one of the flercest looking men iu the inventing business. His mustache is of the pirate cut, and his eyebrows bristle and meet in the mlddle. Therefore the head waiter approached him with almost tiinidity. "Do yon serve your steaks like this aa a rule?" asked Mr. Tripler as he struck the time of da y on it. "It's that fooi chef," explained the head waiter as he started for the kltehen. A few minutes later the chef appeared with the head waiter. He recoprnlzed the steak by sight at once. Then Mr. Tripler took it up and made It ring again. "Mercy! Graeious!" ejaculated the chef, plously crossing hlmself. "I dld not do it, sure." Then Mr. Tripler smiled, and Mr. Thompson laughed. A new steak was ordèrl, and the frozeu one was carrled below to fooi the rest of the en.-