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■ AT WAHR'S BOOK STORE. [JOK PRICES SHATTERED! =_=_ __ INNÜAL GRAND CHRI5TMAS BOOK SALE! THEENTIRE MONTH OF DECEMBER, we offer our mammoth stock of l ■ ; ; ; - Holiday Books and Fancy Qoods at Special Discount from Publishers' Prices. [t we quote only a few of our Hany Bargains. Eothing can supply the place of books. They are HL,' or soothing companions in solitude, illness or Bn. Tlie wealth of both contiuents would not cornm for the good they impart. Let every man, if pos■jather sorae good books under bis roof, and obtain ■for hiuiself and family to some social library. Al■rery luxury should be sacrificed to this. " Ie Henty Series for Boys. ■ooks for Boys. By Q. A Henty. a ■ nated Covers. Olivine Edges, POrÉÍÍÍIÍÍÍÍÉ Bnglish is spoken one immagines Mr. Henty's Slp3 WÈÊÊtirüil k Onecannot enter a schoolroom or look at SiJ WS(Ñ&Á ■ wiihout seeing half a dozen of the famous 3 ; TO"jggÍÍIl ■ínty is no doubt the most successful writer M i@ Winti to vvhose new volumes they look forH ! jÍB with most plaasure." - Review of SE lllÍllltlílf PCloth Binding. Price $ .25. ■y Pirates: A Story of Adventure and p : B' Charlie: A Tale of Fontenoy and Culloden. Bh e: A Tale of the Crusades. ÏBrave, The; or, With Peterborough in Spain. ■ Aid; or, The Freeing of the Netherlands (1585-1604). ■ yke: A Tale of the Rise of the Dutch Republic. ■jonquest; ór, With Cortez in Mexico. ■k: A Tale of the Ashti War. ■■'s Heir: A Tab of the Gold Fields of California. ■ƒ:3, The: A Story of Ancient Egypt. Ksc, The: A Tale of Marlborough'o Wars. HRe Raven; or, The Days of King Alfred. ■: A Tale of the Coal Mines. ■ ing, A; A Tale of Bush Life in Australia. Bid Fame; or, Through Afghan Passes, pple: A Tale of the Fall of Jeruselem. lough Divided: A Tale of the Civil War. F's Cause: A Story of Wallace and Bruce. ï Peril: A Tale of India. q of Terror: The Adventures of a Westminister Boy. Ir: A Tale of the Crimea. [Mark, The: A Story of Venice in the Fourteenth Century. INorth, The: A Tale of Augustus Adolphus and Wars of Re(lettler: A Story of the New Zealand War. z8th: A Tale of Waterloo. l Green: A Tale of the Boyne and Limerick. Pampas; or, The Young Settlers. for England: A Tale of Cressy and Poitiers. Strong; or, How George Andrews Made His Way. e Fray: A Story of the Luddite Riots. iDld Oíd Flag: A Tale of the American War of Independence. WsTlag: A Tale of the Spanish Main. Wi India; or, The Beginnings of aa Empire. 1 Virginia: A Story of the American Civil War. in Canada; or, The Winning of a Continent. 'Iers, The: A Tale of the Peninsular War. haginian, The: A Story of the Times of Hannibal. mists, The: A Story of the Life and War in South África. 'ce-Tireurs, The: Their Adventures in the Franco Prussian ihipman, The: A Story of the Bombardment of Alexander. te Alger Series for Boys. 1 IHuminated Cloth Binding. Illustraied. 34 Titles. Price 5oc Per Copy. ■f this series of stories are a passport, as every youngster knows, tol ■n?st delight and enjoyment in scènes of stirrin? life and adventure. ■ s selectlon of spiriled stories for boys it would be hard to flnd than I Ht, and parents this should provide these these books for f jVVilds: The Adventures of Two Shipwrecked Boys. By ld S. Ellis. Piseb: or, Padding in Florida. By St. George Rathborne. lorers; The Adventures of Two Boys in Alaska. By Harry ze. rCriumph: or, The Boy Firm of Fox Island. By William ' praan. cl 's Gold: The True Story of an Adventurous Sailor Boy. Bies Franklin Fitts. ■ Apes: The Wonderful Adventures of a Young Animal . By Harry Prentice. ftulus: A Story of Trapping in África. By Harry Prentice. Is: or, On the Florida Reefs. By James Otis. vsboy. By Horatio Alger, Jr. f Boy: or, How Phil Hrent Won Success. By Horatio the'Runaway. By Harry Castlemon. reasure: or, Harry Darrel's Fortane. By Frank H. Converse, nckback: A Story of the Maine Coast. By James Otis. 1 nigh Java: The Story of a Journey to the Sacred Mountain. Ward S. Ellis. h. Boy's Adventures in California. By Horatio Alger, Jr. Ier: A Brave Boy's Struggles for Home and Fortune. By ' ÍTatlemon. Miyon: Sam Willett's Adventures on the Great Colorado. ] Kd R. Calhoun. Hfcckies: A Story of Adventure in the Rocky Mountains. ( frd s! Ellis. 's Victory: The Trials and Triumphs of a Telegraph Boy. r ratio 'Alger, Jr. ] 3 Search: A Tale of the Great Lakes. By William P. ' 1 A Runaway Brig: or, An Accidental Cruise. By James Otis. The Search for the Silver City: A Tale of Adventure in Yucatán. By James Otis. The Slate Pieker: The Story of a Boy's Life in the Coal Mines. By Harry Prentice. Tom Temple's Career. By Horatio Alger, Jr. Tom Thatcher's Fortune. By Horatio Alger, Jr. Torn the Bootblack: or, The Road to Success. By Horatio Alger, Jr. Tom the Ready: or, Up from the Lowest. By Randolph Hill. Tony the Hero: A Brave Boy's Adventures with a Tramp. By Horatio Alger, Jr. The Train Boy. By Horatio Alger, Jr. The Treasure-Finders: A Boy's Adventures in Nicaragua. By James Otis. Wreek on Spider Island: How Ned Rogers Found the Treasure. By James Otis. A Youug Hero: or, Fighting to Win. By Edward S. Ellis. The Young Scout: The Story of a West Point Lieutenant. By Edward S. Ellis. THE PRINCETON SERIES. Each Complete in One Volume. __sS_gg?s_=Sg. A series of Standard works by Popular Authors öjj embracing Fiction, History, Essays, etc. Printed from large type, on good paper, and bonnd in handsome cloth binding. Uniform Cloth Binding. Price $ .75 I Les Miserables. A Novel. By Víctor Hugo. Translated from the original French by jjöHil Charles E. Wilbour. Cloth. Illustrated. jj Charles O'Malley, the Irish Dragoon. By Charles Lever. Cloth. Illustrated. .pP8 The French Revolution. A History by Thomas 83gP Carlyle. Cloth. Illustrated. The Count of Monte Cristo. By Alexander Dumas. Cloth. Illustrated. Montaigne's Essays. Translated by Charles Cotton and edited by W Carew Hazlett. Cloth. The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling. By Henry Fielding. Cloth. Harry Lorrequer By Charles Lever. Cloth. Illustrated. Adventures of Don Quixote de la Mancha. From the Spanish of Miguel Cervantes. Cloth. I Ten Thousand a Year. By Samuel Warren. Cloth. Wilhelm Meister's Apprenticeship and Travels. From the Germán of Goethe. By Thomas Carlyle. Cloth. The Mysteries of Paris. By Eugene Sue. Cloth, Illustrated. The Wandering Jew. By Eugene Sue. Cloth. illustrated. A History of Our Own times. From the Ascensión of Queen Victoria to the General Eiection of 1880. By Justin McCarthy, M. P. Cloth. Illustrated. Eugene Fields' Works. Songs of Childhood. American song writers and other distinguished composers, í oo Songs and Other Verse. i2mo, r oo A Second Book of Tales. i2mo, ' , oo The Holy Cross and Other Tales. Being a New Edition with Five Additional Tales l 00 The House. The Episode in the Livesof Reuben Baker, Astronomer, and of his Wife Alice. i2mo, r oo The Love Affairs of a Bibliomanic. With an Introduction by Rosswell Martin Field. i2mo, r oo A Little Book of Profitable Tales. i6mo, 1 00 The Same. Carneo Edition. With an Etched Portrait by W H W. Bicknell. i6mo, '. J oo A Little Book of Western Verse. 1 6mo, . . x oo Second Book of Verse, iómo, L oo With Trumpet and Drum. iómo, go Love Song of Childhood. iómo, g0 Field Flowers, x oo ( Lnlly by Land (new) x 2O - gjjigj W. Riley's Works. ; Ül3iB The Flying Islands of the Night. '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. '.'.'.'.'.'. 00 j ] '%u'-im ''' ash'onec' Roses , ,o ' É; f?' Sketches in Prose t oc 1 m ■ H Rhymes of Childhood t oo j}., Poems Here at Home t 2O ' SS Green Fields and Running Brooks 100 " Pipes o' Pan at Zekesburg , oo I Rubaiyat of Doe Sifers f, 1 20 Dhild Rhymes with Hoosier Pictures r oo R.iley 's Love Lyrics (new) r o0 ( John Kendrick Bangs. J jhosts I Have Met -. . $ r O0 ( Daste Jewels ; g0 I The Pursuit of the House Boat j oo C . Rebellious Heroine x oo I . House-Boat on the Styx t oo C The Bicyclers, and Three Other Farces t Io C Ar. Bonaparte of Corsica j 00 C ['he Idiot go C toffee and Repartee 'o E "hree Weeks in Politics o J "he Water Ghost, and Others 1 00 C 'eeps at People, (New) r O0 C "he Dreamers: A club. (New) t o0 K he Enchanted Typewriter, (New) h " Books are the food of youtli, the deiiglit oí oíd age; the ornament of prosperity, the refuge mid comfort of adversitj; a delight at home, and no hindrauoe abroad; comby niglu, in Iraveling, in the country." Rudyard Kipling. New Revised and Complete Edition of the Works of Rudyard Kipling. 15 vols., i2mo., cloth, gilt top. Sets cannot be broken. Per set $u 00 Caldwell's Edition, fully illustrated and beautifully printed. 10 vols., I2mo., cloth, gilt tops. Sets cannot be broken. Per set , q oo ! Soldiers Three 5O Phantom Rickshaw co Light that Failed ' 77 5O Mine Own People 5O Under the Deodars T oo Wee Wiftie Winkie, etc 50 Plain Tales from the Hills ro Story of th-e. Gadsbys, etc co Poeras and Ballads x O0 "Captains Courageous." x 2O Soldier Stories r 2O The Seven Seas 2 oo Many Inventions j 2O The Jungle Book x 2O The Second Jungle Bookr t 2O Plain Tales From the Hills -,- The Light That Failed '. .'.' 777! 75 Life's Handicap - Stories of Mine Own People i oo The Naulahka j 00 Under the Deodars; The Phantom Rickshaw; and Wee Willie Winkie ?_ Soldiers Three; The Story of the Gadsbys; and Black and White 75 Department Dieties and Ballads, and Barrack-Room Ballads 75 From Sea to Sea. 2 vols. (New.) t rO The Brushwood Boy 1IO Stalky & Co. (New.) JOO The Day's Work ' ' z oo Poems. Including "The Recessional." Cloth, i2mo., gilt top. 1 co Poems and Ballads. Caldwell edition. Handsomely illustrated. Decorated cover. Portrait of Mr. Kipling. 8vo., gilt top . 1 60 Indian Tales. Oriental edition. A collection of Mr. Kipling's Indian Tales. Fully illustrated. Striking Oriental cover designs. 8vo., gilt top X6O The Recessional -o The Recessional Paper 2O. Books in Sets. The Best Editions Bound in the Best Cloth Styles and Printed on Good Paper. gjÉÉsÉ Stevenson's Works, 5 Vols , 1 48 Shakespear's Works, 5 vols x 48 Motley's Dutch Republic, 3 vols 95 Shakespear's Complete Works, 4 vols 2 00 Si ra Prescott's Conquest of Peru, 2 vols 7S Prescott's Ferdinand and Isabella, 3 vols 95 ijl Wg&sm Dumas' Works, fine edition, 6 vols 6 00 ëïÈSW Gibbon's Roman Empire, 3 vols 1 Ko )osephus' Works, 3 vols l g -arlyle's Essays, 4 vols .7777 2 Qo iVandering Jew, 2 vols Plutarch's Lives, 3 vols 2 o Vlarie Corelli's Works, 6 vols 1 co ooper's Leather Stocking Tales, 5 vols .1... ...].].[. 2 re 3ooper's Sea Tales, 5 vols ;! fane Austin's Works, 6 vols Schiller's Works, 5 vols '.'.'.'.'. . . . . -, 2O VlcCarthy's History of our own Times, 2 vols 2 eo S.awlinson's Seven Great Monarchies, 3 vols ' 2iO ?ielding's Torn Jones, 2 vols ..! ïdmund Burk's Complete Works, 12 vols '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'..'. 0 no 3arkman's Complete Works, 12 vols 4 1200 3awthorn's Complete Works, 8 vols f ' 8 00 ïeorge Elliot's Complete Works, 6 vols r kiekens' Complete Works, 15 vols . Thackery 's Complete Works, 16 vols scott's Complete Works .'.'.'."' " Í 00 Bulwer Lytton's Complete Works. 12 vols. A 68 rvings Complere Works, 6 vols ' 2 tfacaulay's England, 5 vols x Conquest of Mexico, 3 vols 7.7.7.'.'.'.'.' rote's History of Greece, 4 vols " n. luskin's Works, 15 vols 10 00 Jeikie's Hours with the Bible, 3 vols ............ ' 2 Memories of Napoleon Bonoparte, 4 vols ... .. ....... ... ,5 Joethe's Works, 5 vols, morocco .' .'..'.' .' . " c J Umband's History of Russia, 3 vols l L :arlyle's Frederick the Great, 4 vols 2 Ql luskins' Modern Painters, 5 vols " ïreen's History of the English People, ■; vols.' .'.'.'. 7 " r tc :orelli's Works, 5 vols 5 :opper's Sea Tales, 5 vols 7.' 7 . .....' .'.'.." 2 00 eikie's Hours with the Bible, 6 vols 777!' (o ryce's American Commonwealth, 2 vols ' " ules Verne's Works, 5 vols .7.77 7 7 .77 1 20 lonan Doyle's Works, 5 vols 7 .77 7 7 1 2o harlotte Bronte's Works, 6 vols ...7.77! 2 8 .iplings' Works, 5 vols 77777" 2 co [iylings' Works, 15 vols , Complete .....77.77.7 t 00 r - ============== ' ALL MAIL ORDERS WiLLRECEIVEOUR PROMPT AND CAREFUL ATTENSION. CORRESPONDENCE INVITED. Publisher, Bookseller and Stationer, importer of Foreign Books and Periodicals. BTflI?PCS Down Town, 03 & 105 North Main Street, Opposite Court House. ' _jíí. v. Jülc:5' University Bookstore, 30 I South State Steet. Al)ï) ArboFj MlCnigail.