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M__ . "i d Friends-, the Best Acquisition is that of Good Books." ■ il I) 1) ft 1) ' ' KEMEMBER we take pleasure in assisting our patrons to obtain anj - M I f)!! Il U lIAfl SHfi fi BS ÏTW Wfiif PPSÏftiïS accessible work, whether printed in this country or abroad and 11 11 11 IJ J 11 KJ r'i 11 T ƒ Oj tv il jij at tlie lowest price. Special wbolesale prices to large purcharers m agn I 'Jjjjpl BwHBHPBB U BIBLES. We offer ari immense stock at 25 por cent. discount. The dW f 'L+''LL''L+''L'LL'L+'L+' genuino Oxford, the Bagster and the Eyre & Spottswood edi tions, witli all the Helps and New Maps, price SI to 8. "1 ttíiíilí Í Tft D ]} Pnnnfnnt ünnlrOnln Pirnn Offnlinil We carr the lare8t 8tockof Catholic Ptayer Books' tlUo 3Era7er j D U U IV Oiyilfi llrNl llnÍÍAfl I r Vil il Tl Booksandflym.alsrheologicalandDevotionalBaok. - J , GILT TOP 1 2 MOS. An Entirely New Edition. consisting; of One Hundred and Ninety-two of the Choicest Books of Standard Xiiter ature, 25 cents per copy. Adam Bede. By George Elliot. Dora Thorne. By Charlotte M. Braeme. Admirable Lady Biddy ane, The. Dream Life. By Ik Marvel. Frans Barrett. Duke's Secret. By Charlotte M. Braeme. Aesop's Fables, East Lynne. By Mrs. Henry Wood. AU Along the River. Mi=s M. E. BradEmerson's Essays. dnEnglish Orphans. By Mary Jane Holmes. Andersen's Fairy Tales. Essays of Elia, The. By Charles Lamb. Andree de Traverney, By Alexander DuEsther' By Rosa N. Carey, roasEugenia Grandet. By Honore de Balzac. Arabian Nights' Entertainment. Fair Jewess. Hy B. L. Farjeon. Ardath. By Marie Corelli. Firm of Girdlestone. By A. Conan Doyle, At Heart a Rade. By Florence Marryat. First Violin, The. By Jessie Folhergill. Aunt Diana. By Rosa N. Carey. Fortunes of Nigel. By Sir Walter Scott. Autocrat of the Breakfast Table, The. By French Revolution, By Thomas Carlyle. Oliver Wendell Holmes, Irivolous Cupid. By Anthony Hope Averil. By Rosa Nouchette Carey. Gothe's Faust. Barbara Heathcote's Trial. By Rosa NouGold Elsie. By E. Marlitt. chette Carey. Greatest Thing in the World, The. By Beside the Bonny Brier Bush. By Ina Prof. Henry Drnmmond. ■ Maclaren. Grimm's Fairy Tales Black Beauty, By Anna Sewell. Gudderoy. By Ouida, Blithedale Romance, The. By Nathaniel Gus Mannering. By Sir Walter Scott. Hawthorne. Hamot of Icelaud. By Victor Hugo Bondmen, The By Hall Caine. Hardy Norsemen, A Hy Edna Lyall Book of Golden Deeds, A By Charlotte Harry Lorrequer By Charles Lever. M. Yonge. Hiawatha. By M-nry Longfellow, Broken Links. By Mrs. Alexander. Homestead on the Hillside, The. By Bryant's Poems. Mary j. Holmes. By Pile and Dyke. By G, A. Henty. Hunchback of Notre Dame. By Victor Cast Up by the Sea. Sir Samuel W. Hugo Baker. Imitation of Christ. By Thomas A'Kempis. Catharine de: Medici. By Honore de Balin the Golden Days. By Edna Lyadd. 8acIn the Heart of the Storm. Maxwell Charles O Malley, By Charles Lever. Qray, Chevalier de Maison Rogue, The By AlexIvanhoe. By Sir Walter Scolt. ander Dumas. Jane Evre. By ' harlotte Bronte. Children of the Abbey, The. By Regina ronn Hallifax, Gentleman. By Miss MuMaria Roche. lock. Child's Historyof England, A By Charles Joseph Balsamo. By Alexander Dumas. Dickens. Kenilworth. By Sir Walter Scott. Chouans. The, By Honore Balzac. Kidnapped. By Robert L. Stevenson. Clique of Gold, The, Hy Emile Gaborieu. gitb an Kin. By Jessie Fothergill. Cloister and the Hearth. By Charles Knight Errant, By Edna Lyall. Reade. La(jy Audley's Secret. Miss M. F. Brad Countess de Charny. By Alexander D,uori masLamplighter, The. By Maria S. Cummins. Count of Monte Cristo, The By AlexanLast Days of Pompeii. The. By Sir E. der Dumas. Bulyer-Lytton. Cousin Betty. By Honore de Balzac. Last of the Mohicans, The By J. FenniDavid Copperfield. By Charles Dickens. more Cooper. Deemster The By Hall Carne. Last Tenant, The. By B. L. Farjeon. Deerslayer. The. By J. Fenimore Cooper. Lena Rivers. By Mary ]. Holmes. Diana of the Crossways. George Merdith. Ught that Failed. By Kudyard Kipling Donovan. By Edna Lyall. Lone Ranch. By Capt. Mayne Reid. THE AJAX SERIES. A. New Line of popular copyright books by well-known authors. Each volume illustrated, handsomely bound in cloth, gilt top, with gold title on back and side, 45c each. L rriers Burned Away, - - - E. P. Roe. B-njamin Franklin, - - - John S. C. Abbott. g:rnicia, - - Amelia E. Harr. B ;tween Two Loves, - . Amelia E. Barr. B rder Shepherdess, - - - Amelia E. Barr. B w of Orange Ribbon, - - - Amelia E. Barr. Qoptain Kid and the Early Buccaneers, - - John S. C. Abbott. Co tBin Shannon, ; - - Coulson Kernahan. Christopher, - - - Amelia E. Barr. Cluny MacPherson, . . - Amelia E, Barr. ChtistoyherColumbus, - - - John S, C. Abbott. Daniel Boone, - - - John SC. Abbott. Dauehter of Fife, - - Amelia E. Barr. David Crockett, - - - Jhn 3. C. Abbott. DayofFate, ... - E . P. Roe. Driven Back to Eden, - ". - - E. P. Roe. Ferdinand De Soto, - - - John S. O. Abbott. Earth Trembled, L■ fp acelllumined, - , 4 t FeetofClay, - - '. ■ Amelia E. Barr. First in the Field, - - -, Geo. Manville Fenn. Friend Olivia, .- Amalia K Barr. From Jest to Earnest, - " , KoeGallant Fight, Tr l u",' George Washington, Joh SC. Abbott, Hallam Sucsession. Amelia E Barr. He Feil in Love with His Wife, . . - E. P. Roe. His Sombre Rivals, - " E. P. Roe. Home Acre, - - ri v, House in Bloomsbury, ' ■ Gliphom. Household of McNeil, - - - me!!a E' BarrImpregnable City, Ma? Pemberton. Irish Idylls, - " ' . . "ailowJan Vedder's Wife, - " Amelia t. Barr. King's Highway, Amelia E Harr. Knight of the Mets, - " " ■ AmJ & ' kit Canon. John S. C. Abbott. Kittie Alone, Baring Gould. Knight of the XIX Century, t. P. Roe. Chevalier de La Salie, - Joen S 0. Abbott. Land of the Dollar, W. Stevens. Last of the MacAllisters, Ameba E Barr. ■jjjjjj - - George Macdonald. Lone House, - ' Amelia - BarrLost Silver of Briftault, Amelia E. arr Cliginal Belle, " ? L R Paul and Christina, " " ' Amelia E Barr Paul Jones, the Naval Hero of the Revolution, John S C Abbott Peter Stuyvesant, lohn Abbott Iíemember the Álamo, - Amelia E Barr. Roseof a Hundred Leaves. - Amelia E Barr Samantha Among the Cclored Folks, - - Manetta Hollr. Scottish Sketches, - - Amelia E. Ba'r She Lovdd a Sailor, - - - Amelia E. Barry Siuüer of the 8en, - - Amelia E Barr Sin'er to Ean, - - Amelia B Barr. 8quire '.f Sanda'-8ide, - - AraeMa E Barr Succe s wiih Sa,all Fruits, ■ - EP. Re Taken Aüve, . EP Ta hs of Our (Joast, - 8. B. Crockel nd Otbers Two Csr-taine, - - W. Cifk RntRiil. Wbat a i ShH Uo? - . - E. P. Hor. What IMight Havo been Expeeled, . Frank R. 8"ckton. Without a Homo, - E.P. Roe. Youob Girl's Wooing, - - E. P. Roo Young MarooBen, - F. R Gouldint;. Young Folk's Library. oSOME OF THE MOST IN This series of standard and favorite classics for boys and girls E.O I ING YtARo tSCÜKfl are all illustrated and bound in handy volume size. Bound Eng. . fl . . ... , , i-i Cashoden s When Knighthood was in Flower fl lish vellnin cloth, side and back stamped in gilt and colored inks Wescott,s jQavid Harum, Ú from a new and appropriate design. Each in a printed wrapper. pagev,anta Claus' Partner, Price 25c each. Ford's Janice Mereditb, Alice's Adveres in W.nderiani, B, f Bwoie, By-Mulock F. Hopkmson Smith's Caleb West ■ Lewis Canoll R.d Fairy Bonk, By Andre La Dg " " Góndola Days V A Dog of Flanders, By Ouida Rar aud His Friendo, By Jotin Brown, " '■ The Other Fellow AesoD,c Fabies. M. ü. u Torn Grogan fl B)ark Beautv Bv Anna Sewell Tieamie Islard, By R L stevenson . , „. T .■ , . TT . H Blue Fairy B.'.ok By Ar.drew Lang Tanglewood Tales, by Nath.niel HRichard Harding Davis' The LlOn and the UniCOrn#i. fl Chrisiie's Od Organ By Mrs. Wal'on iborne " " " Sojdies of Fortune CbilriV Huslory of Eugland, By Otarles Tbrougb a, By Lwis (t ti tt Cuban and Porto Rican Campifl Edii'bVBuFglar, By F. H. Burrjett Tales from Shakespeare, By Cbarles and " _ " " The King's Jackal Fairy laDd ot Scienoe. By Buekley Mary Latnb öienkiewiez's Pan Michael ■ Flower Fables, By Louia May Alcitt Únele Tom's Cabin, Bv Mrs. títowe u With Fire and Sword GreeD Fairy Book, By Atulrew Lning Water Bahiec, By 0. Kingsley n i Vparv of the Basin M Littie Rosebud, By Beatrice Hferrvlen Wonder Bonk, By Naibaniel Hawtbrne f, T [ , J iï j? tit Li tfVintain's Kables, Bv CaDtaio Mirryat Wee Willie Winkie, By Rudyard KipMr. JÜOOley in Peace and in War Midsbipman EiSy, Bv Captaia Mrryat ling Dunbar's, The Uncalled Man withou' a Country, lhe. By Rev. Yellow Fairy Book, By Andrew Lamst p n a t :fp 9 Pnnrtsriin E E Hale Wreek of the Cbancellor. By Jules Verne Guller 8, A Llterary Oourtsnip ■ Mies ïouey and Lartdie Tour of the Worl1 inEghty Days, By '.' Peak and Prairie Piignm's Proeress By Jobn Bunyan Jules Verne " A Venetian June P nocchio's Adveutures, TraDS from l( yrom he Other Side IlaliauHall Caine's, The Christian ■ - -.tfrf. -. " " The Manxman V PODIOS FOIJ CÜILPIEN The Shadow of a Crime _ . , , Merriman's Prisoners and Captives Another splendid series for 25c each. Pnce formerly 1.00 each. Besant's The Orange Girl V Á new ceHes of choice literaiure for Chüdreo, selecied from the best and roost Max Mujlers Auld Lang Syne popular works Handsomely pnnted on fine supercaledered paper, frorn large, Crockett's lone March clear type and profusely iilusfia'ed by the most. famous artista, making the bandsomAmela L_ Barr's I, TllOU and the Other One est and most attractive series of jureaile classics before the public. With beautifutly jotjert Barr's Tehla colored lithogropbic frontispieces. - ■ _„ ... uu The Strong Arm The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe- 70 ïlluetrations AHce's Adventure in Wonderland - 42 illusirations -■- ■ - - -'"' -i TYM Tbrough the Lookina-glassand What AHce Found There- 50 illustritions ft DIDI Pr D DJ Cc" Bunvan's Pilarim's Progress- 4fi illnstrations ijOy' DtÖLLü. DIDLCu. ■ , Cbild's Story of the Bible- 72 illusttatiop %SÍ-ÍTM'as The "Oxford" Self-Pronouncing I Swi.'. Farnilv Robinson- 50 illustrations _ THE PEST FV19LISHED. ChiistoDher Columbas an1 ttifi Discoverv of America - 70 i'lustrationa „. .. .,■ , uui .i ■. ii .1 ffiomnon and AcTen.ure in Africa-80 ,1 ust,a,i.,ns " Of H the Teachers' Bibles tbat we have seen this I Gu üver's TraveK- 50 Unsiratioos us as being the best. In fact, it comes in everv respect UotnerO.ioe's Rhvn-e? Jingle aml Fairy Ta'es- 234 illnstratiocs t})e ]imt Qf absolute perfection. The binding is SUmptB [jives of the Presidents of the U'iit-d átales, wiih Portraits and illmtrattons „ , ' , , , , . .' iH S "siorv of Z fCd sl.s-70 ii.ustra.ions Pper as fiae as can be made, aad the letter-press an mvitfl A'oodV Natural Hisiorv- 80 ülusiratioDS eye. Of special value is the self-pronouncing teature, V Black Bi'nuiy- 50 iiln-itrtiiions savemanv neêdfcss and embarrassing blunders. The 'lielpB rahi,nKn.ehi'sJia.e,tan,„en.P-i30illustrations fa , Unlike those in many of the cheap Bibles, thel ndeisen's L'airv Ta 'es- 75 rlilstianous . r J r ' ■ Giimm's Fairy Tales- 50 niusiraiioo simply thrown together in hodgepodge fastuon, but reprl ■& dfathei's Cbair, By Nai hamel Hawthome- 68 illustr-itions freshest and ahlest work of the foremost modern scholars. "J FowerFabes, By L.-nia M Aloott. - 50 iHustrat ons ■ A.u'nt Martha's C'rner C p oard, By Ma-y aod E 'Zibeth K rby- 54 illustrations Water Babies, By Cn rl -s Kingsiey- 84 iliustrations Tllfk RíSvtír Ríílfk ■ Baltles of tbe War for InclppeDdeoce, Bv Prescntt Holmes - 70 illustrations I IIC UOAICI UilKC Batllnoflbe War of the üoi , By Piescoit Holmes-80 illnstraiions Bonnd in Morocco. Contain a complete set of wol Another splendid series for 25c each. Price formerly 1.00 each pronouncing only $1.25. M Bibles from 25c to $8 00. , ., . Cieopatra Testements in all Styles and Prices. M Cyrus A ifred fiaria Antionette ■ Darms William the Conqueror Josephine I Alexander K.cfard II. AlaJa'm Koland .OnHII Cl il fi rTOnníl HfiflKfl OenghisKhan Margaret of Anjou üüMSül! dSlU fl CIIÜII UUUllul Peter the Great Richar, III. HernaSo Corte z sS00m lmPorted We can , are vel Ro.nuius ; Maiy Quteu of Scois Henry IV WËÊÊm 1 a' Foreign Books and Periodicals. fl Hannibal Biizab.h Louis XIV. below a few Germán Books: ■ Pyrrbus Charles I Joseph Bonaparte ■lulius Caesar Charles II. Louis Philippe H n , , w , , , onK fl Ner() F ; , I Goethe'8 Werke, 4 vols., $2.25. öchiller's Werke, 5 vols., $4.00. fl I Heine's Werke, 4 vols., 2.00. fl A BeaUtlIUl ChristmaS Gift, I Johann Ambrosias Gedichte, $1.25. m Uhland's Gedichte, 3 vols., $.00. ■ A Fountain Pen P BenI1"r' waiiace, $1.25. J fflfflP Gerok, In Treuer Hut, $.20. ■ Every one guaraneed. Price $1.00 ppP"1 Stark's Gebet Buch, 75e. fl Arnold Di Erste Liebe, 75c. An always acceptable and useful gift- A Nice Box of Fine Stationary. TJenes Gebet Buch 50c, I New styles and low prices. u-n j tj 't i ■ We do all kinds of Engraving and Plate Printing. We have all the latest ff f Ka8th.en' '5c" nn , I styles forVisiting Cards and Wedding "invitations. ,S Cards öerman Bibles all BtyleBÖOoto f o.00 each. 1 Engraved with Plate, $x 50. 100 Cards Printed from Plate, 90c French Books bound ln half Morcco, Gilt top $1.60 1 GRAND SPECIAL OFFER. A nice box containing 120] I Sheets of Fine Wnting Paper, with yotir monogram embossed in i colors, and 125 Plain Envelopes to match for $2.25. You have i - ' tfn e t, J the privilege of selecting five kinds of paper. lAOflSr'k f fj 8Sïc4ïr IsrfiTkékC T ZM We offer a large variety of Fancy Goods. Photo Albums at importers' ff Vl I SI'bB LidSili OUilaCfl prices. ) Popular Gloth Bound Bditions of g)) piete,but'nej the Best Selling Books. ÜP .shedsmall enJ Only a Limited Number Left at 60c each. tlfeÏÏ ífWtfffífl1 m 1 Urrwler The Red Robe, Illustrated. By Stanley J. Weyman. TQii'PWímW?, i Caleb West, Master Diver. By F. Hopkinson Smith. TíRnínlm llHliiUM 10 000 books U The Celebrity. By F. Winston Churchill. [ í iÍiim9 ' UUUKS. The Adventures of Francois, Illustrated. By S. Weir Mitchell. vM DTOof COnVPnípntl Soldier of Fortune. By Richard Harding Davis. mgf piUUJ, CUnVcniCtH) The Manxman. By Hall Caine. . . . 1 The Choir invisible.' By James Lañe Allen. attractive. VaHetieS tO J The Forest Lovers. By Maurice Hewlett. ,y- J The Sorrows of Satan. By Marie Corelli. Slllt PVPTV rpnilirpment i -' ' M The Prisoner of Zenda. By Anthony Hope. SUU reqUlreiTienL. I The Honorable Peter Stirling. By Paul Leicester Ford. Vfilir mnnPV hnrlr if A Lady of Quality. By Mrs. Burnett. X OUT "lOney DaCK II ==3 Phroso, Illustrated. By Anthony Hope. ' . .' r 1 %LÊ=====A Tekla. By Robert Barr. }rOU Te not SatlStied. IS Twelve mo., bound in handsome linen cloth, each with an attractive and ËL dlstinotive cover dosign. Titles on sidp and bank. - THE BOOKSELLE 103 and 105 North Main street and 310 South State street.