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There will be a regular meeting of the AI. U., Chapter 91, this evening at the Star of Bethlehem rooms. Myrtle J. Allison has been granted a deoree of divorce from her husband, Asa G. Allison on the grounds of desertion and non-support. Luick Bros. today received two car loads of fine joists from Louisana. The ma terial was immediately taken to the uew hospital building. The reqtiest of Dr. Rebec, of Paokard and S. University ave.,to be given dirt to fili up his sidewalk, was referred to the street committee by the council. Joseph Casterline, of Scio, and Miss Emma Cron, of Canada, were united in marriage by Rev. W. L.Tedrow yesterday afternoon at Trinity Lutheran parsonae. The city marshal's report for the month of November shows 23 arrest?, of which 4 were for drunkenness, 2 vagrancy, 13 city ordinances, 2 larceny, 1 truant, 1 attempt to murder. The city f ees amounted to $12.60. E. W. Groves, executor of the William P. Groves estáte, asked the council to refund $14.19 taxes on the old Bethlehem church property, because at the time the tax was assessed, the property was used for church purposes. The petition was referred to the flnance comrnittee. Joseph P. Blackburu, the city dog catcher, has a claim agaiust the city for a defective sidewalk on Fuller st. In his petition, read at last night's council meeting, he claimed both his legs were injured Nov. 8,when he feil through the stringers aud boards, which were rotten, and the city being guilty of gross negligence. The petition was referred to the flnance committee. Prof. W. M. R. French, director of the Chicago Art Institute, will deliver his lecture on the "Analogies Between Composition in Literature and Art," in the Unity Club courseat the Unitarian church next Monday evening, Dec. 11. This will be what Thomas Nast used to cali a chalk talk evening, as Mr. French illustrates with crayon and brush, drawiug and sketching as he lectures. Ann Arbor Camp, No. 2796, Modern Woodmeu of America, held its annual election last evening and chose the following officers: Consul, H. A. Kitson; adviser, John Lucas; banker, Fred A. Balden ; clerk, W.M. Slmdford; escort, Edward Muehlig.; watchmau, Homer Godfrey; sentry, Theo. Schwab; physicians, Dr. J. A. Boylan, Dr. E. A. Clark; managers, H. L. Cole, Wm. Earrows, George Kuster. United States Judgo Swan yesterday morning suspended sentence on David Turnbull, charged with sending obscene letters through the mails. S. D. Clark, a farmer living near Ann Arbor, promiscd to give Turnbull a home and exercise a sort of guardianship over him. Turnbull withdrew his plea of not guilty and entered one of non-contendere. He had been in jail several months, and Dr. J. W. Ames, who had treated him, gave the opinión that the man was a degeneróte. - Detroit Journal. The present paving ordinance of the city was amended by the council last evening. The original ordinance was passed Dec. 19, 1898. The seventh section was amended so as to give the mayor and clerk authority to issue bonds payable in 10 years with flve per cent interest not to exceed $60,000 in amount. These are to be issued for the amouut of the cost of each paving district, but not to exceed $60,000 oustanding at one time. City Attorney Norris explained that the ordinance was only amended as to the extensión of time and amount of bonds. From Wednesday's Daily Argus. No work has been doue ou the campus well since thé depth of 1,000 feet was reached Work will proba bly not be resumed until aíter the board of regents meet Dec. 13. The Wonian's Christian Temperance Uniou will not meet nntil one week from tomorrow, the three weeks interval being eaused by the occurrence of five Thursdays last month. The next mothers' meeting for colored ladies will be held at the home of Mrs. Julia Crawford on E. Fuller st., on Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock p. ra., to be led by Betsey Lee. Gottlieb Manu, of Bridgewater, has leased for the winter the sawmill in Soio owned by Michael Staebler, of this city. He expects that, on account of the rise in lumber, there will be more sawing to do thau usual. Jacob Laubengayer, of Vvr. Huron st., has sold 20 acres of very fine oak tiniber, situated in Scio, to Dexter parties. They are to cut all trees over one foot in diameter. The logs will be hauled to Dexter to be sawed. Charles Satier bas made arrangements to put in a sawmill in connection with his planing mili, corner of Pourth ave. and Madison st. He expects the machinery today or tomorrow. Ho will be prepared to saw all kinds of logs. It will be of service to Mr Satier in his business. The meeting of the Michigan State Teachers' Association in Lansing, Dec. 26, 27 and 28, Prof. B. A. Hinsdale will read a paper on "Where Onr Schools Fail Most," Prof. H. N. Slausou will read one on "Consonants, Electivos and Equivelants in College Entrance Requirements, " and President Angelí will speak on "The Eelation of the College to tho University. " Last evening Otseningo Lodge, No 295, I. O. O. F., held its annual elec j tion. The f ollowing officers were elected to fill the chairs for the com ingyear: Fred Joerndt, noble grand George H. Fischêr, vice grand ; M. S Kanffman, recording secretary ; John Waiir, financial secretary ; George H Muller, treasurer. The officers will be installed next Tucsday. After the work is completed, the brothers wil. enjoy a spread. Branch, No. 14, C. M. JB. A., hele its animal eleotion last evening and chose the following officers : Norman Camp, president ; John O. Burns, lst vice president; Henry Schwab, 2nd vice president; George Fischer, secretary; James O'Oounell assistant secratary; B. St. James, financial secretary; Warren Pareons, treasurer; Thomas Horen, marshal ; William Exinger aed Gordon Bradley, trustees ; Norman Camp, delégate ; Thomas Horen, altérnate. The order is in a flourishing condition. The pound social held in the Bethlehem Evangelical church parlors last evening for the benefit of the Zcaorphan home of Detroit was a great success. A large amonnt of eatables and clothing was brought for the orphan children. Remarks were made by Rev. John Neumann, the pastor of the church, and Rev. Mr. Eisen, of Detroit, who has charge of the asylum. A quartet of the church choir rendéred several appropriate pieces. At the annual meeting of Washtenaw Chapter, No. 6, R. A. M. , held Monday night, the following officers were elected : H. G. Prettyman, high priest; Elmer E. Beal, king; Edward VV. Staebler, scribe; John Lindenschmitt, captain of the host; Charles E. Hisoock, treasurer; N. D. Gates, secretary ; C. B. Davison, principal sojournor ; Paul Murrill, royal arch captain ; H. F. Miller, master of the third vail; Thomas Hopwood, master of the second vail ; Samuel Henne, master of the first vail ; .Torn. Taylor, sentmel. The case of John Gillen vs. the Michigan Central railroad, in which the sheriff claims $100 for not being carried to Dexter, although he got on a regular train, and which was taken sway from the jury by Judge Kinne, will be appealed to the supreme covirt. From Thursday's Daily Argus. Mrs. J. L. Babcock gives an elabórate party to her friends on Dec. 15. A large atteudance is expected at the Y. M. C. A. meeting next Sunday afternoon to hear the address by W. W. "Wedemyer. The third number on the Y. M. C. A. Star course occurs next Tuesday night. It will be a lecture by Father Francis C. Kelley, of Lapeer. George Aprill, of Scio, has retnrned from Union City, where he purchased a number of; black top ewes, a flne wool sneep, larger than the merino, which shears from 8 to 16 pounds. The marriage of Aid. William Rohcle and Miss Chalrotte Reichenecker will take place this evening. They will take a week's eastern trip and on their return they will go to housekeeping at their new home on W. Hnron st. Thad. E. Leland has retnrned from Cuba, where he has been doing missionary work and is speuding a few weeks with his father, E. E. Leiand, at Emery. He expects to resume his work in Cuba early next month. Since he left here he has passed' through a seyere attack of yellow fever. His many friends in Ann Arbor will be glad to see him. The University Dancing school will not be open this eveniug,as invitations are out for a dancing party at Light ! Guard hall tonight at Ypsilanti. Music will be furnished by the Chequamegon orchestra. The rise in the price of ircni; effecting that of old iron, and it is therefóre in great demand. A. L. Donaldson, the agent of the Page j Wire Fence Oo., has gathered up 15 9 18 carloads of old iron and is still hunting for more. E. L. Seyler was elected to the Y. M. C. A. board of directors at their ainrual business meeting to fill the vacaucy caused by the removal of W. ' B. Phillips. The other members ei the board whose term of office had expired were all re-elected. The fire department was called out to the residence of James Herbert this afternoon. A blaze was discovered in an upstairs room. It is supposed to have originated from a tobáceo pipe on the table. The department extinguished the flames with the use cf the chemical fire extinguishers. The second lecture in the Good Government Club lecture course will b e given tomorrow night in University hall. Prof. E. W. Bemis, of New York city, the'fgreat authority on municipal ownersbip, will speak upon "Monopoly Pro blems." Dr. Bemis is one of the jrounger ec nomists of the country and ocenpies a prominent position in that school, of which Dr. Ely, of Wisconsin, and Prof. Adams, of Michigan, are well known representatives. Mr. Bemis has come to be looked upon as an authority upon the general subject of "Natural Monopoly," and his address tomorrow night will be a thorough discussion of the topic. Dr. Bemis, it will be remeinbered, was chosen by Governor Pingree to act as expert appraiser in the recent Detroit Street Railway Commission.