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Money Will Be On Hand

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The board of regents held a long session last nig-ht concerning the new science building. The lobby was filled with medical professors, each desirous of seemg that their particular brand does not suffer when it comes to parceling out the rooms. "If every professor gets all that he assures us is absolutely necessary," said Regent Lawton, "it will take $300,000 to construct the building." Secretar y Wade was asked if the Auditor-General ia going to make any trouble about furnishing funds for the building. Said he: "He can't. The money raised by taxation for the University is a specific tax. It cannot be withheld. When the one-quarter mili tax bill went through the legislature, it antieipated one year's tax. The Anditor-General pleaded that he did not have the money on hand, and, as we had no immediate use for it, we allowed the matter to go over the present month, when he is making bis collections. That will give us an extra $92,000. "How long will it take to construct a $200,000 building?" he was asked. "I do not know, but it will take over a year, I should judge," he answered. Therefore, if the building is started next spring, it will not be flnisbed uctil the fall of 1901. By that time the money will have accumulated, so ihat it can be paid or provided for very uicely. The architects are already very busy in gathering ideas of exactly wliat is wanted. and wiVl work np the ideas into rough plan for the next meeting of the board. One architect, yesterdny, had a piaster of paris model of the front of the building, which he proposed as a plan