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nervous,weak, i diseased men. i HNOCURE-NOPAYg W -THE NEW METIIOD TREATMENT, F LU original with Dr?. K. & K., will lij H tively cure forever any ioriu of Blood or EB ja Sexual disease. It is the resul t of 30 H W5 years' experience in the treatment of Hff I tl those diseases. I A JWECURESYPHIUSg Tri This terrible Blood Poison, the terror Ffi Itl of mankind, yields readily to our NEW 1 1" ■ TREATMENT. Beware of Mereury, ■ ■ Potash, etc. 'i'bey may ruin your pystem. B Hl If y ou have sores in the mouth or tongue, B II pains in the joints, sore throat, hair or rá Uy eyebrowa falling out, pimples orblotches, UJ rj stomach derangement, sore eyes, PJ [I1 aches, etc, you have the Fecondary stage fT W of this Blood Poison. We solicit the OM m most obstinate cases, and challenge the f3 JU world for a case we accept for treatment tij Band cannot cure. By our treatment the ■ ■ ulcers heal, the hair grows again, pains B W disappear, the skin becomes healthy, and MB 11 marriago is possiblo and safe. I t gCURESGUARANTEEDQ W Thousandsof young and middle.aged PIJ II men have their vigor and vitality Fapped I .E ■ by early abuses, later o.xcesfes, mental UB ■ worry, etc. No matter the cause, our K 9S New Method Treatment is tho ref uge. SwecureimpotencyS J And restore all parís to a normal l'A tion. Ambition, life and energy are BH V, and one feels himself a man tjA :miong men. Every case is treated UJ ■y vidually- no cnre-all - heneo our H B ful succeps. Xo matter what nils you, E ra consult 8 confidentially. Wc can fVJ t nish bank bonds to guarantee to IJ ÍJ plish what wo claim. Kf 250,000 COREE! lij We treat and care: EMISSIOHB, LiS ■ VARICOCELE, SYPHILIS, GLEET, H ■ STRICTURE, IMPOTBNCY, SECKET H ■I DRAINS, ÜNNATÜHAIi tri ri ES, KIDNEY and BLADDER Diseases. LU Uü CONSÜLTATION FREE. BOOKS fS pj FREE. If unable to cal!, write for rT M QUESTION BLANK for HOME MM B TREATMENT. Wj lo urs. Mg ■Kennedy Kergan m Cor, Michigan Ave. and Shelby St. n J ' DETROIT, MICH. B ÍHAIR SWITCH FREE ON EASY CONDIT1ONS. Cut this ad. out and mail to us. Send a small sample of yourhair.cut close to the roots. SEXD .0 JIOXKY; we wiü make and Le.IíyLÜÍL.maü' Post!=il,a FINEHUMAN HAIR SWITCH, an exact match, made 22 imjhes long from selected liuman hnir, 2JÍ oances, short stem. We will inclose in packagewita switch sufficientpostage to return it to us If rot perfectl? satisfactar;. but ir found exactly as representedand most eztraordinary value and you wish to keep it, either send nsil.öObr mail wlthin lOd.isorTAKE OKDERS FOK S SWITCHES AT SI. 50 KiCH among yonr friends and pend to us without any money, we to send the 3 switches to them direct by mail to be paid for 10 days afte'r received if perfectly satisf actory.and joa can theu hare the sith we seod you Tree foryourtrouble. egire Pianos, Organ, Spwlng Dlshes, Furnilure, Watihe, BleTcIps, tamrras and other premiums for ñiklns orders for Oor Switches. One ladrearncd a Plano in flfteen days, one a Seiring Jlachlne writeto-dayfo.'FèèrPRYAe.r Ladies' Hair Emporium, Chicago. c. h. st. claTr SECOND HAND GOOOS. Goorts of all descriptions bought and sold frurniture aud StoFes Repaired 3O9-ÍJ11 N. FOUKTH ST.