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The Ann Arbor Savings Bank

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REPORT OF THE CONDITION OP THÏ At A.nn Arbor, Michigan, at the close of buaine -w, Dec 1 1898 RESOURCES. ' U)an8 and Digeounts, 437 953 L.1AH1U.11ES. ■ Mrres ------ 659,911 59 Capital stock paid in Ovrclrans SaU S'ateBonls 8t'700 Surplus f und,_ I! BanMng Hoüs";:;;";;;;;;;;;.'";;;;;; -9 Sg OnHvlJtl proats less corrèntezpènutaerKeal Estáte 48,78143 Dividends unpaid CASH. DÜe ÍES TÍuVTS, Ño 151'679 DKPOSETS. .ctaes'frcieaVinTh-ouVe 158 'fT' t0 Uheois and oash items.... 7ffi ss check - ) Vlokote andoents ."." 33457 Savias Deposite 8 Slíver cöïn: B Savlnss Certífloate,. of Deportts.".".".'.'. 1 U. S. uud National BankNote8"..ï." 37,'9) 00 e to Banks an1 Bankers STATE OF M CrilGAN, I .487,3S3 36 . JÊ Count of WaBhtenaw. f88■ sS-=S5SnSSHS.SK CokkectAttesx: Chrtstten M. W. D.HarrimautSei; ÍSSSoSÍ" I Capital, $50,000. Surplus, $150,000. Resources, $1,od Yr?TEí5t MnTral bank,mg business; buys and sells exchangj ThíLv Chicago; sells drafts on all the principal cities oiM to on ltt?yfihaTln?S rge business Evites merchants II SwithS bankiír Wlth th6 aSSUraDCe f the m08t Uberal dl In the Savings DepaVtment interest at the rate of three oer cenM deposii ( d three months previous to those days, thus añordinír the 1 city and coimty a perfectly safe depository for their f unds, together M 11111 ' ' mterest for the same. Money to lÓan on approved secïu-ities I Harílíu"018? ack' Daniel Hiscock, Willard JB. Smitj Harnman, Wilham Deubel, David Rinsey, L. Grunèr. I OhwñTlFhnÍSnfc' Pw:dnt; W.ü. fc arriman, Vice-lj Cfla-j.i.. tliscock, Cashiei M. J. Fritz Ass't-Cashiei. 2