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From Friday's Daily. Prof. Mortimer E. Cooley of th fechanical department of the uuiver [ty attended the meeting of th Imerican Society of Mechanical En Lieers held in ZSTew York city thi Èek t Marshal Gerstner picked up anothe ■ycle abont a week ago. ITobody Bk-eported the f act that his wheel i Hffig, but the owner can have th He by identifying the property. Bfhe Ann Arbor Chicory Co. yesterday closed up the first season's worl I their dry kiln. Every part of their ■nt worked to perfection. The ■pers of the company look forward H much larger output next year. Hie ladies of the Unitarian church l hold their Christmas bazaar ft. 15 and 16 from 3 t(T"10 p. m ftre will be eight departments, a Bch a variety of articles will be for I at reasonable prices. Refresh Hts, consisting of hot oyster stew, Bcoffee, cake, rolls and ice cream Hbe served in the dining room from HlO p. m. Admission free. Hie third number in the Chora Kn series of concerts will be given Hjiv evening, Dec. 18, by the ChiB Üyal orchestra and the ChoHj vu. The principal number H AJiiawatha's Wedding Feast. PPv;io for this piece is by S. ?idge Taylor, a mulatto who is a mve of the West India Islands. the annual election of Golden Rule Lodge, No. 159, F. & A. M, was held Kevening and the following orficers ted: W. H. Butler, worB?nl master ; Sid W. Millard, sen■ warden ; Charles Kyer, junior Bien,; L. O. Goodrich, treasurer ■MVGates,, secretary; Robert Rjenior deacon ; M. W. HawksHiiiior- deacon; W. W. WadW aM evening the Royal Neighbors H their election and chose the fol■ng ofiicers for the ensuing year: ■resa A Gerstner, oracle ; Emilie B.bruster, vice oracle ; Clara WeisH;r, antier; Mary S. Blake, recor■' Pauline Cole, feceiver; Jnli3, Bsteimer, inside watch ; Mary KaKa, outside watch; Clara Sinke, ■kger for three years. Hvitations are out for the marriage ■ 20, of Miss Georgia Matie DeuDof Ypsilanti, to LeRoy Allen WilHof Benton Harbor. Mr. Wilson ■Lated from the U. of M. law ■ )1 this vear, and was a member of l)elta Chi fratornity, captain of ■kVif M. rifles, and member of Hjting team thafc vanquished H vania. Hknnual election of Ann Lodge, B Degree of Honor of A. O. ü. Bs held last evening and decided Bkc following ofiicers for the enW-av ■■ Sarah Renberg, past chief ; Alice Butler, chief cf honHp taebler, lady of honor ; Gert■j'stetter, chief of ceremony; Hlern, recorder ; Julia Luick, Hl Pauline Baumgardner, reHknna Lucas, usher; Kate E. inside watch ; Christina Hj.utside watch; Drs. M. L. H.lnï Kapp, Ernest A. Clark, I xaniiners ; Mary Kern, deleH ah Renberg, altérnate. ; In the circuit court today Abbie Hanson, of Milan, was allowed her claim of 1,700 against the estate of Albert Hanson, her husband. It was for money advanced during his lifetime. From Saturday's Daily Argus. The picture and write-up of Billy Judson, the Mysterious, very appropriately appears in this weeks mmibor of "The Politician."
Charles R. Davis and Cora A. Sager, of Ann Arbor, secured a marriage lilcense this morning. They are to be married this evening by Justice Duffy.
Rev. John Neumann was visiting on Seventh st. and tied his horse, but the - animal broke loose and returned directly home, leaving the robe. No other?damage was done.'. While one off the prominent church members was entertaining a party of friends last evening, a case of beer was delivered at his home. It took all kinds of explanations to convince the guests that a mistake in Laddress had been made. ■■: :. . . ; ■ Frank Ayer, of the wholesale oyster firm of Sterling & Ayer, reports Ann Arbor a splendid distributing point f or their bivalves. Last month tbey sold 11,000 gallons, as against 950 for the whole season a year ago. . He is not kicking on :: . p John Sackett,; the"Fyoung Dexter man arrested for stelling from his own father, was brought up before Justice Doty this morning. He demanded an examination, which was set for next Tuesday. His bail was fixerï at S300. whichS he was not able to furnish. The final settlement of the dissolution of partnership of the flour and feed firm of Heinzmann & Laubengayer, was complete to-day. Mr. Heinzmann will continue the flour and feed business, buy ing of pelts, etc, while Mr. Laubengayer will devote himself to his large real estáte and other interests. The firm has been in existance 11 years, and was one of the substanlialones of the city. The final accounts in the estates of Charles Gardner, deceased,and Salome Gardner, incompetent, were üled today by William Dansingburg, Mr. Gardner's estáte amounted to about $12,000, and Mrs. Gardner's to $5,000. Mrs. Gardner is now living with her son in Kansas City, Mo. The flnnual meeting of tüe First M. E. 'Churi'h Sunday School was held last evening, and the iollowing oflicers were chosen, being, with one exception, re-e)ections: E. E. Calkins, superintendent: A. E. Mummery, superintendent junior department; Miss Hannah Wilsey, superintendent intermedíate department; Miss Ella Bennett, superintendent primary depariment; Miss Hannah Nellis, superintendent home department; Miss Nina Davison, secretary: Miss Bessie Turner, treasurer; C. W. GUI, chorister; Earl Stewart and Ben Mummery, librarians. During the past year, $105 were raised for the mission cause. Fifty young people of the church have taken up the study of normal S'mday school work. From Monday's Daily. William Aprill, Jr., of Scio, is confined to house with a severe attack of bronchitis. The C. E. society of the Bethlehem Evangelical church held [services yesterday afternoon at the county house. The Presbyterian C. E. Society will give a social in the church pariors on Friday evening. This will be the last C. E. social for 1899. Gottlieb Andrews, of Dexter township, who recently sold his farm, in:ends moving to Ann Arbor as soon as ie can purchase a suitable home. The new front to Bailey & Edmunds' store on E. Liberty st., was conipletec Saturday. It is a great improvement and will givé them a better chance to snow their goods. L. A. Later, proprietor of the Depot ïotel and restaurant in Milan, and also connected with the Miller roller nills, married Miss Julia Reeves, a Milán girl, in Detroit last Thursday. On Saturday evening a musical entertainment will be given at the STorthside Sunday school rooms. The :roceeds will go for buying presents 'or the scholars and for decorating the Christmas tree. Admission 10 cents. Edward Stoll, "William Weimer, John E. Meyer, Henry Meyer, William Wand Charles Braunmueller enjoyed a 4 o'clöck dinner yesterday with Mr. and Slrsi George Stoll, of Dexter township. The party had a fine tme and secured 15 rabibts. In theVwindow of Jacob Laubenayer's meat market on S. Main st., caii be seen the artistic rustic mail box, ;he work of Henry De Pue of the gravel road. It was described recently n the Daily Argus. It is most ingenous and pretty enough to be placed in a parlor. The attendance at the Northside Union Stmday school is still increasng. Yesterday there was an attendance of -130. -The school is now pracicing for their Christmas entertainment which will be given at Newberry hall. Within the past week the chool ha.s ad'led over 100 books to heir library. -g Dr. Theophile Klingmann left this vening for Traverse City to attend lie quarterjy meeting of the stalï of tie state asyluiíjs;. He will read a paer on "Auto-Intoxication, " which is ;he absorption of poisons in the body aused by indigestión. He will return o Ann Arbor early Wednesday ■ - I The marriage of Arthur S. j ard, the popular electrician, and Miss j Katherine Oberst, the well-known ! prano of the Methodist church is ! notinced to take place during the holidays. The Argus hastens to congratúlate the contraoting parties. The average daily attendance at the Young Men's Christian Association has greatly increased with the approach of cooler weather. The average is about 100 now, as against 40 or 45 in September. One day recently there were 143 visitors at the rooms ! by actual connt. More reading matter and games will soon have to be provided. Mrs. Mary Paul on Saturday evening was given a delightful surprise party at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Paul, of Fifth st. The j pany consisted of Mrs. O. Walker, the ! Misses Helen and Dora Bissinger, Mrs. Fred Stein,Miss Mary Schaeberle,Mrs. Emanuel Spring and Mrs. M. j Ier. They were delightfully entertained ' by Mr. and Mrs. Paul, and the evening passed quickly with social tion and refreshments. Miss Katherine Lindenshchmitt, of Buffalo, entertained 14 of her young ! friends Friday evening at the spacious home of her uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. John Lindenschmitt, 341 S. Main st. Miss Katherine proved herself to be a most charming hostess. The I evening was spent with games, for I wmcn sne nad provided elegant and beautiful prizes, and dancing. The dining room in which the supper was served was artistically decorated with cut flnwers. The guests consisted of the Misses Adella Neumann, Melinda Luick, Cora Hardinghaus, Melita Hutzel, Louise George, Emtna Binder, Elsa Eberaboh and Sophie' Hutzel, and the Messrs. Herbert ,Coe, G. W. Eggert, Ernest Gwinner, Max Hutzel and Henry George. It was a late hour before the merry company broke up for their homes. Willis J. Abbott, i i i-;. Christian Mack, Iiüs neen appointed chief of the press bureau of the Democratie National co:ninittee. His me sinee leaving coll'i e has been rapid. After leaving here, lie went into journalism in Kansas City. Later he became manager of the Chicago Tin e f. Leaving there he was an editortial writer on the New York Journal during the last campaigii. fjoon after the election. he left that paper toac-l cept the position of editor of the Cosoiopolitan. This positiou re is fiiling at present Abbott ia at present visiting thé hoiie of Mr. Mack.