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lys the Detroit Journal of Monday It: "Next to the political aspects Ie special session, the thing that fostfinteresting the politicians just ' isjthe question who the successor ï . Barnes on the Jackson prison [?ill be. A good deal depends BP'selection. 'Bill' Judson is, of I .especially interested. ■ ewal of the Pingree fight for JL a iin's job as warden of the nebelieved to be imminent. ! 3n, so the report goes, has Br" ry clearly, and to the govBs, ;;elf, his position relative to V jjjion so nmch desired. He ■ . t under the law it is only BkISa'emove hiin for cause, and Bfere inake -way volantarily for PL. as that might be held to Bpount to a confession that W ts for his retirement. BBrdingly, the plan is, as the reBs, to trurnp up charges against Brlain in the effort to give the H excnse for an ostensible 'reHor cause, ' It is said that the B some days ago practically Ha decisión as to the incumbent ■ board position which Mr. Hdeath left vacant, but that I reconsidered his determinaHvuse of the discovery of secret H,eliable information that the I .ted would decline to vote B Ihamberlain's conviction on Hes likely to be preferred. Bied -with this statement is the H and contradictory statement H" reports that presented Mr. I in an attitude favorable to Hson should be accepted with a Ht, because of the hostility that Hitary board is rnanifesting toHadson. Reference has heretol)i made to the fight now in Hernor's cabinet between JudH the military board, and its Bias been likened to that of the Between the military board and Bius, and the predicted result is ■ne for both cases. . s . ■aew paper which was started in ■n, Gen. Marsh's home, some Is ago, is called the Chronicle. fcarsh's flnancial interest in the H and its immediate response presentation of the general's H interests seems to be demandHluch that it has come to be ■Marsh's paper. ' A recent issue Bs paper contained a hot roast on p, of which Judson 's friends in fcngree push have preserved a ■s is the way the extract reads: Bllowing the death of Orlando Bies. president of the board of ■pof Jackson prison, comes the ■' that Gov. Pingree will apBs Barnes' successor a man By-mpathies are with Mr. JurlB-nn Arbor, and that very soon Bwill be appointed to succeed BambeHain as wieden of the ■son. j ' B: ï'reeman, who was appointed Her of the board last wiuter, is Binced Judson man, and if the ftiow being circulated are rrue, m. Bills, of this Tillag'e, will ly loyal supporter Mr. ChamHhH have upon the hoard. Dr. ■ppreciates the worth of such I Mr. Chamberlain, and he will ■s influence to keep him át the K the great institution. Ihere are but few, if any, men Ak mtry better qualified in H'ior this position than is ■f arlain, and it will be a dis■V i? sbíite to appoint as his [Mr. Judson, the poli ti cal Ik that e is. The only B Judson has for the place HUs served Washtenw counHrt Judson and his supporters [nd that there is a great differfeetween being able to preside I county jail successfully aud liu as the head of one of the ■jánstitutions of its kind' in this H Dr. Bills does not believe ■ position should be made a poVootball, to be kicked about by Big politicians without regard ■liflcations. He will receive Brty commendation of the peoBhis state in his efforts to retain Bamberlain as warden. ' BjBills was Gen. Marsh's selecHkt pla3 on the board af ter Mr. H's si'imination had been reBfc he senate last spring. BeBnate would conflrrn the docHk t go before the committee B ve business and give definite B relative to Chamberlain. Bary board is declared to have ■ded Dr. Bills with a'fuU unBg that he should oppose ■However, O. M. Barnes' Belled the board to show its H' than was expected, and it I that Dr. Bills, as a result H interview with the gover■jmewhajj changed his atti■ the appearance some days He Ohronicle article. His Rclare that this alleged Haore in name than in f act I is fully described in the statement that his assurances to the seuate committee won ld. not preclnde his voting for Chamberlain's removal on charges, provided the charges seemed to be sabstantiated and to be of a gravity warranting removal. "Judson's friends continue very sore over his characterization as a ■svard-heeler in Gen. Marsh 's paper. "