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A deal was c )nsurnated yes'erc'ay by which Junius E. Beal parchases tbe Ann Arbor Eegister and will combine it with the Ann Arbor Cour er, under tbe name of the Courier-Register. Mr. Moran, wbo has so long published tbe Register, will devote himself exelusively to the instruction of short-hand, in which he has a rapidly growing field. The combination of tbe CourierRegister makes a strong republican weekly in this city, just as tbe combination of the Argus-Democrat made a strong democratie weekly, and from a very important point of view the busi ness men of Ann Arbor are to be coqgratulated upon it. It removes one advertising medium from tbe tield, which called upon tbe merchants for the funds necessary to keep it running. The combination of the Weekly Argus and Weekly Demoerat was duly appreciated by the merchants, and we have no doubt the Courier-Register, combiaation will also be heartily apprOVod. The advertisin? field of Washtenaw county is now fully covered by the Daily Argus, wbicb circulates in Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, Salire, Dexter and Cbelsea and the Argus-Democrat and the Courier-Register, two stroug weeklies circulatiBg all over the county. If especial attention is desired in the eastern part of the county the Ypsilanti Sentinel which thoroughly covers the country districts in the eastern portion can be used. It is in the power of the business men to save themselves money by frowning down any attempt to start up anotber paper in a field that is so ihoroughly covered at present. When there are two good papers in an eastern city of doublé the size of this, the merchants refuse to encourage a third. It would be money in the pockets of the advertisers if this were the case here. The Argus - daily and weekly - and the Courier have cleared the field at the expense, to themselves, of purohasing rivals. Were tha. merchants to stand solidly them. they could cover the. advertising fieldt more thoroughly with less expense tothemselves.