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I A MONSTER PRE EMPTORY SALE 2 Of öoods that Positively Must Go Out of THE STORE Before Our Annual Inventory is Taken. ! LADES' JACKETS, CAPES AND SUITS, ■j Men's Furnishings, Boy's Glothing, Furniture and Carpets. M In all the above lines of Most Seasonable Qoods we find ourselves greatly overstocked=-a most fortúnate condition for those who may m need any article pertaining to these lines. M $1.00 flULTIPLIES 1TSELF BY 3 IN THE PURCHASE OF A LADIES' JACKET; It Doubles its value in buying Boy's Clothing and many jj pieces of Furniture; It increases One=HaIf in our Men's Furnishings, and Carpet Department. In selection and style we have all and everym thing you could wish for or ask for. The saving you make is as good as though you received it in cash. 1 Sale Commences Tomorrow to Continue for TEN DAYS. flLh BI ■ m 1 Of any store or department is the character of its merchandise and the helpf ui ness of its service. It is by these tests a business rises and falls in rsJÜ I NP I vW 9 -I Mf Public appreciation. The highest aim of this department from its inception has been to fairly and squarely meet these tests - a satisfied customer (-ffi0?T ■ ■■ ■■ IA ■BlMis a loyal friend. We ask no better advertisement than we have been receiving the past season from hundreds of just such friends. There never rYn L -' - ' = has been shown a better collection of Ladies' Outer Garments than has been found in our Cloak Room. Prices have never been so rnuch in the JSlte Si buyers favor - Buyers have never been so numerous or satisfied. W 450 Ladms' Jackets Bunched Into 3 Great Lots itjjfjf W ! BÈ At S3.95, worth to $9.75ÏAt $6.95, worth to $l5.00At $8.95, worth to $25,00 Dl HOU PBpco -WïMmL m . ! Í LUOII Unl LÜi 11 ' KT! il 'sW m B There's a Choice=-be the first. REGULAR SALE $8.50 Silk Seal Plush Ganes $4.25 AJ ÍLMJf) ljT ''MËÊ mkh Ladies' Jackets in Tan, Castor, Navy, Brown, Oxford, Gray and plush, heavy satiüe lined, MmÍT Y P m W&iïm Black Kersey, Montenac Beaver, Pebble Cheviots, Smooth &Q _ edged with Thibet Fur- 27 TFI-' " I lül IXVWH g HP and Diagonal Weave Cheviots iJ)25.00 PJtlJïy inches long. ! HL.' Ladies' Jackets in Box Fronts, Plain Stitched and Scalloped $10 SHk Seal PlüStl CapSS $5.00 gg "S Fronts, Latest Sleeves and Backs, Black and all Colors Q w - Best Piush Silk V yj_,j Kersey and all kinds of Cheviots 20. OO -V5 and Mercenzed lined- 30 ) 4ÉjËmUK Ladies1 Jackets 'in Oxford Mixtures, Gray Cheviot Mixtures, O A_ l ÖRH Vliuelf i Dln.h P cc OC Ö HS Plain Kerseys, in Black and Colors, all man tailored IO.OO O.Q5 12"50 SilkSeal PlUSil CapSS $6.25 f m S There's a Choice=-be the first. edsed wUh genuine Manen (Wí ' Jfetf W latest style...,. 15-00 O.95 yj SlTS SyK PÏK Ladies1 Jackets in Plain Stitched and 1-ancy Strapped styles, inC _ PRCES TO CLOSE OUR ENTIRE WYMJ JWÍ wÊmÈ cluding the most populay numbers we have had this season.. !35O 'VO LINE REDUCEO INTO 2 LüTS. UmKVÍMí& i i KÏ WÉ Ladies' Jackets, Extra Heavy Weight Kersey in Black, Blue, T (tlfl 0Í1 inri C7 C fl ffl f MHrLI 1 9 IrWBlf Castor and Tan- special leaders 12. 5O Ö.Q5 lU.UU SIK] 0 .OU jj f jl SUS 1 -.. . f - ATS10.00- Wegive you choice $H mm , ' 7 fJK x ..,, .--M There's a Choice==be the first. of any Ladies' TaiWed. suits WË y y : J ff ;3S fe4 JHHEjIê% „ „ -j af 111 our Cloak Room- Black and "W V4f "-''■! f! V W Ladies" Jackets in Black, Tan, Blue, Gray Castor IJ.Du O#V5 Colors, the recular priee of l .y ) f VS S ftMk. Ladies' Jackets in Kersey, Cheviots, Beavers, Boucle Cloth 75 395 Aiés'í.at irí "'Tu? ïloak q4 fc 'p:l W f 1 S-Ladies' Jackets in Black and Blue and Castor, Kersey, Bouclles .„ . &rge of MF m0MWM and Cheviots U.vJU J V O $12.50. jLL-J r 3 .. sss&sssstsíss&ss&ssfcssss&s6; 1 Boys' Doublé Breasted 1 and Vestee Suits... The Largest Stock as wel! as the best makes 2 and best styles to select from 3 At Below Prices to Close: & 0 I I 0 Buys Vestee Suíts 3 t0 8 and Doublé V I I I w Breasted, 6 to 16, the regular prices of which was up to $2.00. I ft 0 Buys Vestee and Doublé Breasted Suits, HJ llÜU str0I)g and stylish cloth, that sold up to g $3. 50. O C 0 Ia)"s Vestee and Doublé Breasted Suits, . fcïüö strictly all wool, the regular price oFwhich m was 4.25, 4.00, 3.75 and 3.50. ! ft Qp Bujs Vestee and Doublé BreastedSuits, in ÜlüU very est material, make aud styles, ; merly were 6.50, 6.00, 5.50, 5.00 and 4.50. Boys' Overcoats 1 At Ys Reduction ] I Furniture and Carpets. L Odd Pieces of Furniture at Less than Half S ! Rockers and Easy Chairs. ; ifc One io. oo Curly Birch Rocker, carved back and arms, i % saddle seat polished #g.oo ] One ro.oo Curly Birch Rocker, carved back and iif arms, leather seat 5.00 iüi One 12.00 Oak Rocker, corduroy spring seat, carved back, at 5.00 One 2r.oo Reclining Chair, with foot rest, covered in Mohair Plush, at 9.00 Four 7,50 Mahogany Men's Chairs, inlaid and carved backs, at 3.00 J5 Three 5.00 and 6.00 Oak Hall Chairs, quartered, pol ish finish, at 3.00 j é One 16.00 Grecian Chair, leather seat and back, at. . 5.00 1 $ Six 9.00, 8.00 and 7.50 Oak Revolving Chairs, leather ijj and saddle seat, Antique and Golden Oak, at. . . 5.00 J Divans at Less than Half. ti 1 ■j One 12. 00 Oak Divan, upholstered in silk brocatell, $3 00 ! L Two 13.00 Rattan Divans, full roll arms and back, handsome design, at 6.00 1 I One 26 00 3-piece Imitation Mahogany Parlor Suit, covered in silk damask, at 10.00 I Parlor Tables. '! O110 10.00 Onyx Table, good size, fancy design, selling at $4.00 5 ti Three 6.00 Bird's Eye Maple Parlor Tables, good size and g style, at 3.00 I Five 18.00 and 12.00 Solid Mahogany Parlor Tables, inlaid ' b and plaiu top. all going at Half Price, - 9.00 to 6.00 J Seven 9.00 and 6.00 Solid Oak. Parlor Tables, in as many J ü) stylee, all polish fiuiah, quarter savved, going at Half J' 6 Priee, ...... 4.50 to 8.00 t Carpets and Rugs. Smyrna and Axminster Rugs, all Sizes, 79c to $35. 00. i, 25 rolls Velvet Carpet3 wnh borders, at - - - SOc 4 t $1.25 -Velvet Oarpetswith borders, at - - - 90e il Ü 75c Brussels Curpets sellinar at .... 55g v li $1.00 Brussels Carpets selling ut - ... ,so(j 1 10 rolls all wool Ingram Curpets, worth Tc, at 49 il Art Squares in best all wool and Pio. Brussels, all sizes, in jj ', newest designs. Í' I AFTER XMA3 CLEARING SALE ib ib L riEN'S DEPARTflENT. t In order to reduce our stock before our t January Inventory, wewill oíTerour cust tomers the following advantages: flen's Derby Ribbed F.Ieeced Underwear. b The fínest made, that sells for 50c to close at - - 39c li A large assortment of odd sizes in wools, 1-4 olí regular price. í b Sweaters and Cardigan Jackets. tú Have'gone up but we are offering them at 1-4, & 1-3 off. i i 75c and 50c Neckwear for = QQ jj Those are all good patterns, and the finest of silks. b Ï Qloves and Mittens. i Your chance to buy yourself a warm, good wearing b article for 1-3 to 1-2 oíí selling price. b b WE OAERY THE GENUINE LA.MB'S KNIT JVÜTTS ï AND GLOVES. V il I You Can Buy a fine colored shirt for 79c i! A regular 00 shirt and of the best material, li i X 5UPENDERS- 81.00 and 75cyours for 95c. ; 25c suspenderá yours for 17c I A 12.00 Silk Lined Gloye in Cálf id, swell in every respect. Yours for - - - - - - - - - - - - Q Cloaks and Boy's Clothing 2d Floor, Elevator. Furniture and Carpets, 9 3d Floor Dry Goods Store. __ - p lip Rriwrfiiiiivivfi