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A Capital Prescription

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A rather eccentric, ytt eminent, physirian, Ht$ called upon to attend a iniddleaged rich lady wlio had imaginary illa. After many wise inquines about her symptoms and manner of lile, he asked for a piece of paper, and wrote down the fbllowIDg prescription ! "Do soniething for somebody." In the gravest manner he handed ít to the patiënt and lefe. The doctor heard nothing from the lady for a long time. One Christmas morning he w:iv luistily summoned to the cottage ofhis triah washerwoiuan. " It's not mcself, doctor, it's me wrist that'sailing. Ye see, I wasafiergoin' out into the black darknesa for a few bits of wood, when me fut struck this basket. It stood there, like a biiL mercv, as it was, full of soft flannel from Mrs. Walker. SI. told me thatyour medicine cured her, doctor. So, if you plaze to put a little of that same on my wrist, 1 11 be none the worse for my nice present." " It's a powerful rciiirdy," ■■iiid the doctor, graveiy. And more than once, in afïer years, he wrote the prescription " ID something for somebody."