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On Wednesday eveninj? the following officers of Fraternity Lodge No. 262, nml Golden Rule 159, F. and A. M., were publicly installed by C. M. Jones : FRATERNITY. W. M.- C. E. Hiscock S. W.- J. M. Slatcr; J. V. - Foster Reeves ; secretary - N. R. Waterman ; treasurer- C. J. Heul; S. D.-U. B. Davison; J. D8. McLaren ; tyler- J. P. Little. GOLDEN RULE. W. M.-I. C. Handy; S. W.-Z. Iloath ; J. W.- E. 1). Lewis; secretary - N. D. Gates ; treasurer- A. W. Chase ; S. D.- John Gates; J. D.- Geo. Cook ; tylcr- John P. Little. A limite. 1 number of invitations rmd been issued, and the hall was comfortably enea. After the installation a quartette composed of Mesrs. Osborne, Grant, Whedon and Hunt, who had kDdly consented, furnished a piece of very fine rnusic, whicli was duplicated at subsequeut tiuies during the evening. Mr. John P. Little was then requested to come forward, when Mr. E. D. Kinne stepped forth and tated that he had been requested by the meuibers of Fraternity Lodge to present hiiu with a watch. As for himself, he detested presentation speeches, and sliould make none. He then reverted to the time - seven years that Mr. Little had been W. M. of that Lodge ; to the many pleasant associations connected with the sanie, as well as the high esteem in which he was held by the members of the fraternity, and then presented him with the watch, as a slight testimonial of the high regard entertained for him. Mr. Little responded substantially as follows, and the many beautiful Masonio allusions will only be duly appreciated by the craft : 'Brethren-I thank you for thi.s memorial, and hope I will wear it with equal pleasure to myself and honor to the fraternity. During the pcven years [ have presided as W. M., our relationship has been very agreeable. This beautiful emblem of' human lile will always briog to uiy mind the ruany happy hours we have spent together in our common interest. I hope the brethren in the future will use the trowel in spreading the cement of brotherly love as in the past, and long may the sun of proaperity shed its enlightening beams over this Lodge ; long may the pure and sacred flame of Masonry shed its light upoD our altar, and may the members of this Lodge ever thed a lusier upon Masonic charaoter, equalled only by the sun when at lts meridian height ; and, when we are called on to pass through the dark valley of the shadow ofdeath, may we all be prepared wilh the pass wheroby (o gain admission to that celestial Lodge above, where the Supreme Architect of the universe presides, there placed at tlie right hand of our Supreme Grand Master, who will be pleased to pronounce us just and upright Masons. Brethren, again I tbank you fcr this high mark of' your ONteem and love. The silver watih and chain presented are valued at $45. On the watch w:is the inscription: "Presented by ' Frateruity Lodge tío. 2C2, F. and A. M., to John P. Little, Past Master, January 7, 1880." ANOTUER I'RESENTATION. Mr. C. M. Jones, of Golden Hule, was next rcquested to come forth, when Dr. A. W. Chase appeared upon the scène and said it afforded him pleasure to present to I'ast Master Jones a jewel of the office. However, as a prelude to the same, he read a short article tendiDg to the public mind of the idea that Masonry taught infidelity, or anything that was bad. Quite to the contrary ; its teaching were all pure, and If lived up to, made Masona better fathers, better husbands and better citizens. The fact that it had existed ibr uiany centurioa and among all peoples, and that many of the best men of all clinies had embraced and taught it, provcs its purity, for if not pure, it would long since have ceased to exist. As with the church, they had found it necessary to expel meuibers for not living up to the tenets of their profession. He then, in a few appropriate remarks, in behalf of the Lodge, made the presentation. Mr. Jones, in response, said : "Brothers- I thank you for this token of brotherly love and esteem, and hope ever to wear t so as to merk the highost honor of the Lodge. I understand that the recipiënt of such favon must conduct himself so as to bring the highest honor to the fraternity, and I shall ever endeavor so to conduct myself. Outsiders might consider this a matter of no particular importance or signiticance, but I assure you that it is, for it means much to a Masón. I hope deraean myself so as to be an honor to the fraternity, to reciprócate for the honor thus canfèrred ,-- f"=smtea fa one in eyery way worthy of a Maaon, aud I consider this the proudest moment of my life. I thank you, is only too faint a response, for my heart ia too f uil for expreszon. " The jewel is of gold and silver, and is a most beautiful one, the price being $30. Mr. J. P. Little then explained a few of the Masonio emblems, after a manner such as he only of the fraternity in this city knows how. A mort elegant collation was then served, aud a sociable time eujoyed for nearly two hours, when the company broke up and returned home, having experienced a most enjoyable time.