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Some idea of tlio bui-iness of raisirig swcet Poeoted flowers for their perfume alone may be gathered l'ioiu the tact tliat Europc and British India alone consumo about 150.000 gallons of handkerchief perfume yearly, the Enelish revenne from French ea de cologDe is forly thousand dollars anoually, and ihe total revenue of England frora other iuiported perfumes is estimated at $200,0(10 each year. Therc is one great perfume dis(illery at Cannes, in France, which uses yearly about one hundred thousand pounds of accacia flowers, one liundred and forty thousand pounds of rare flower leaves, fortytwo tliousand pounds of jesamine blossoms, togetherwith an immense quantity of other material used for perfume. Victoria, in New South Wales, is a noted place for the production of perfume yielding planta, because such plants as the mignonette, sweet verbena, jessamine, rose, lavender accacia, beliotrope, rosemary, laurel, orange and the sweet-scented geraniums are said to grow there in greater perfection than in any other part of the world. South Australia, it is believed, would also be a good place for the growing of these perfume producing plante, though thcy are not yet cultivatsd there to much extent. The value of perfumes to countries adapted to their productio├╝ may be gather from the following estimate of their growth and value per acre, as given in the London Journal of Horticulture. " An acre of jessamine plants, eighty thousand in number, will produce five thouand pounds of flowers, valued at twclve hundred and fifty dollars ; an acre of rose trees, ten thousand in number, willyield two thousand pounds of flowers, worth three hundred and sevealyfivo dollars; three hundred orange trees, growing on an acre, will yield, at ten years of age, two tuousand pounds of flowtrs, valued at two hundred and fifty dollars ; an acre of' violeto, producing sixtuen hundred pounds of flowers, is wpftb cight nnnared dollars ; an acre of o;i:-i:i trees, of about three hundred, will, at three years of age, yield nino hundred pounds of'flnwers, worth four hundred and iifty dollars; an acre of geranium planta will yield something over two thousand pances'of distilled attar, worth four thousand dollars ; an acre of lavender, giving over thirty-five hundred pounds of flowers for distillation. will yield a value of tifteen hundred dollars."