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Ninety-five Per Cent. Sterling

Ninety-five Per Cent. Sterling image
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rEvuioieiEiFt. iboot. Made to anpplj the popular femuid for an All-Rubber Boot. ud a jtiw M cay '- '.'-- T'l'-. to crack, beide.s chafing the toet aud aukles. and waaring out fe. the ituckiut. AU dus is obviated by tüu Doublé Upper alnl WHIfcfe-- KS' SÍIbW roof ). ui UuIiU-r, WmSs! J5Sê $5. kalf iucb tln.k, RBfiaHMMfcCl Sar v R!"' lik0 commoa H WBBWiSBB S K la tho ent below, MlH filnHfSH Off H the bUck part Hfll iflHiKfïUSfli y Soctionnl View gSv "' "8tl1"1 i'"bl"T hm 3p otbi TBn Filling." in ordinary BBHB af ÜK Ppt Ppnt fppliniT s ubbcr uoon u Owi F J3 lul LlLllliULulMfe Sá maiio of grmml-up bRMH M& WTTTIT'TTÍ TinOT 1H scranu of cloih, itnd PjnnSZ P' „v , o , p .7'. Ü ig "uilb'-r 'i'-wo H Showing the Solía Rnbner H but pH jft Hubbor Boota. mM Pr Cent. Sterling HK I WBfSnrftrHH - ...gfclioot," illfn tliu tp ,'f v-fl "tai Ji BBole anl l"ti sole .,, , i.jjwj HHaro worn thrmigh.a RÊÊÊÊttuÈÈÊmBÊBnt9BÈBSBÊkrtm third Rolo - all aolid ,;;i ;. .■'l sSÊB iif. luI Piv"? 10 VHHHHBHHMMvRPvWM per cent. aiMitional wear. n i si., n m ol Intik t nlil 1 Lino ■ ! wiU Al wear overal pair of commou Bubber Boota. "Warranted Three Months, anil that ttaore may b no quostion aa to the tim, tht patent ME binding, aa con in cut, proTidea a apace for eyery day, montb JB" ? f anti year, bo that tho rutail dealur w hou niaking a nalr, VvlKll eau punch out the dato thereof, and the Boots will in SsB themselvei boar pcrmiU']it record of that dato. (Soe RmÊ warrant in largo circular.) Kvery Boot bears the jWÍ a9atl II rant in Rubber letters on the. li ■;■. jfagK Although seeminly high pru 1, .j&ÉM are inoro econouiit-al thMi a liot't mBU K" ,ïjl -f less cost, and with proper euro 'saflff'rttviisW will reuder good aarvico froni Fall BlRjVUd ;ji' J untU Spring. PfMfB f,í ThePoor Man'sBoot. 9 CÜ FOR. SALE RY Waw tas..- 968-975 VRUS A. LEWb, O. a East Hnron St., Ann Arbor. REMEMBER THAT IN THE i Artistic and Speecly Execution of all &(ls of Joti Wort we Excel.