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Cause Of Poor Butter

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We liiivn ,-aUl many liurd things of the njamitucturersi.f bad butter. Butmuchoi thu f'ault is chargeable to the eowardly conduct ot' country and city grocers and ftorekaepera For fear of the limber tongue and neigborhood influcnce of gonie prominent farnier's wife who brings large quanlitico of greue, dirt aud buttermilk tomarket each week and cails tbeui butter, the cowardly uierchant pays jutt as much for this oooglomeratton as he does for pure, sweet butter. It iliun tumbled all together, good, bad and execrable, intoacoinuinn tub or barrel, and mixed up for fear some customer uiay by chance discover the difference and inquire for fouie special farmer's butter. It waa huped that the increase of butter factories wuuld upply so much good butter that all c' would be eompelled to produce a snoot, doan artiele or find no mat kot. Such, however, is not the result. Nttarly all the good faelory butter is taken tu tbe cartero c.r luroig markcis, aud the bome towiiN ;uil oitiea aro mainly supplied witli what would be ternicd lireane if taken to the great citioa of the Uniun Kvtry town sliuuld have a butter inspector, who should be authortaed (o gradu and nuuihcr tbe butter acrording to the ju:ility. The timoroua merchant wuuld then rade bii pricea tcoordiog to thenumber, like beat. Thisit is true, wimld oost considerable, bul 'hc world couid uflord to do or pay uiuiost Hnything to ituprove the quaĆ¼tyoi butter. There is oothliu in human economy so filtliy and degrudcd a- the cowinon grade ut botter. In sotne way the root of tbis evil Bhould be removed at any expense. The ohronio manutactarera of' b;iir grea.e and buitermilk ouiiht to Ie eztermitiatjui. -