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"how Long Have I To Live I?"

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It is not every onc who asks himself this question, because, strangely enough, it is the belief of most persons that their lives will be exceptionally lengthy. llowever, üt't -assurance oonipanies are aware of the eredulous weaknesnes of those whose lives thcy assure, and have therefore compiled nutuerous tables of expectancy of life for their own guidance, which are carefully referred to before a poliey is granted. The following is one of these well-authenticated tables in use among London asurance coinpanies, ,howing the average length of life at various ages. In the first column we bave the present ages of persons of average ht'ulth, and in the second column we are euabled to peep, as it were, bcliind ihfl scènes of an assurance office, and guthur from their table the number of years they will give us to live. Thia table hm been the resultot' careful calculation, and seldom proven misleading. Of cnur.-'e, sudden and premature deaths, as well as lives unusually extended, occasionally occur, but this is a table of the average expectancy of life of na ordinal y man or wouian : Agí. Mort er# to lire. 1 80 Ui „ 51 0 „ 41 80 " 40 '18 8o".'.j; : 2i o - u Tl) .... 8 ).'..'.;. 4 Our readers will easily gathcr from the abovo tabulated statement the number of years to which their lives, aecording to the Ibw of averages, mav reasonablv be ed to