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How To Avoid Sudden Death

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A correspondent ui' the Belfut News Let er say.s : l'erinit me, m bono publico, to state that very few of tlie suddeo dostfaa which are said to arise frotn disMM of ike liiüi! do really arise trom that CMM. To ai-oertain the real origin of sudden deaths, the experiment lias been tricd in Europe, and reportod to a scientific oontcresa held at Strasburg. Sixty cases of suddeu death wcre made the subject of I thoroujsh posl mortetu examination. In these cases cmly two were found who had died {rom diseases of the hert. Nine out of the sixtysix died of apoplexy, while tbere wcre fifty five cuses at congestión of the lunps - that is, the lungs wereao f'ull of blood tluv could not work, there not being room eiiiiii.b (et a Mifficient quantily of air lo support life. The eause.s that produce congestión of the lungs are - OOld feet, tight clothing, coslive bowelt, Hittinj; stnl until ohillod afier bwttl wttnned wilh lalmr or a rapiil walk, goiofl too luddenly from a du-e, heated room, into the air, especiaüv after speaking, and sudden, deproasiDg news oporating on the blood. The oaoSM of sudden death being shown, an avoidance nf theui may serve to lrngthen many valnaWe liws, whioh wmiU otherwise be lost ander the verdict oi heart complaint. That disease is Boppotad to be inevitable and incurable ; heme many may not take 'li " paioa they would to avoid sudden di atti, if' ttipy kntw it lay in thiir power.