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The circuit court is still in session and the bllowing busicess has been transacted since our last report : Luther James vs James McGee. Amendd bill filed. Lewis Bush vs E. C. Iiobinson, executor, Claim made by Bush against his fathrs estáte for services rendered after he was f age. Trial by jury. Verdict for plaintff, $1,000. The People vs Geo. Robbins. Larceny, )efendant returned, and order furfeiting )ail rescinded. Defendant in jail. Wm. JudsoD vs Geo. H. Parker. Setled by partios litigant. Hattie L. Weeks vs Hiram Weeks. Deree of divorce granled. Catharine B. Stollsteimer vs Jacob Stollteimer. Decree of divorce granted. Otho Moe vs Nelson Booth. To recover 600, on a note given for a patent right of fruit drier. Jury trial. Verdict no cause f action. Lewis Bush vs Ezra C. Robinson. Deendants granted 60 days to file and serve opy of bill of exoeptions. Reuben & Chas. II . Kempf vs E. L. Mc;ee et al. Decree of foreclosure granted. W. H. Brace, survivor of himself and Vw. Phelps, deceased, vs James A Jones ud Hcnry Coe, Verdict, no cause of acion. The People vs James Loney. Bail disharged, and defendant romsnded icto the ustody of the sheriff. J W. Brigham et a! vs N. &T. Schond, udtrment for pluim ff, $615. C. Moon vs V. Davenport. On trial. Caleb Harrington vs T. & A A Raiload. Judgment by consent, $246.47.