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the i line woods of Michigan during this...

the i line woods of Michigan during this... image
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the i line woods of Michigan during this wiuter. George Holden, the first settler of Carmel, Eaton County, died on the 27th ulL, aged 72. Two wotnen have sold out a drug business at Fenton, which they have carried on for 23 yeare. A good deal of maple sugar has been made in somt; localities in the State during thn past few weeks. The convictions in all parts of the State for illegal whisky selling, are getting too numerous to mention. John Boseley has been sent from the Mason circuit to Jackson for two years, for as-sault with intent to kill. A Grand Rapids man has liad his legaraputaiod, on account of i tu being badly diaeased by chronic rheumatism. Mrs. Levi Wright, of Roruulus, died one day lant week from an overdose of strychnine administered by herself. A stock company with a capital of $10,000 is being organized at Monroe for the purpose of erecting a grain elevator. A Paw Paw firm have ient a man to England to establish an agencyfor the oatineal flour which they manufacture. John Posley (coloree!) has been found guilty of'nssault with intent to kill, at Ladington. 1(, was a drunken, wiluon Built. Fuurehildren of the ltev. Theodore Nelson, of Keast Saginaw, have died of diphtheria, the last death ocourriug on the 2:M uit. The prison library contains 2,800 volumes and on an average 900 volumes are contiaually in posseswion of the inmates of the celia, Charles Wells and Charles Smith, younj men of Newaygo, have been fined $100 eaoh for an assault on a girl twelve years of age. Joseph Inseman, of Mt. Clemens, who pleadeu guilty of arson, has been sentenced to five years' hard labor at the State prison. Kalamazoo citizens have squandered their wealth in wheat optionsand mining stocks; $150,000 in the first namcd, and 1350,000 in the latter. A man namcd Reynolds, of Eagle, Clinton county, died reccntly from paralysis induced by poisonous hair dye he was in the habil of using. The body of Thomas Burt, a respected pioneer of llausom, Hillsdalu County, was borne to its last resting place by the sonsof the deceased. The towns in Michigan which have paid __,- ..-_: - i_ iU. -., i u-.i ed liberally to the fund for the relief of the Irish tenantry. It is claimed that the paper pail factory and wooden ware works at St. Joseph are the larest establishments of tho kind in the United States. Alexander Odren, who handled a 30Ëounder in Ferry's famous battle on Lake rie. Uves five miles from Coldwater, and is still a hale and hearty old man. The season thus far this winter has been a disastrous one to the farmers and lumbermen of the State. Bad roads have made it almost impossible to draw wood, ties, etc, to znarket. C. A. Holmes married a young la,dy of Decatur last summer and removed to Cadillac. The tardy discovery has been made that Holmes had a wife and child living, and the scamp has skipped. The temperance people of Oxford Oakland County, have organized a stock company for the prosecution of misdemeanors of liquor sellers in the town. Stock to the amount of $10,000 has been subscribed. James McGuire, the Detroiter now injail at Pontiac on a charge of bodysnatching, has made two attempts to dig out of jail within ten days, in both of which he very nearly succeeded. He has now been put in irons. Two wild cats were recently trapped in Catlin, Otsego County, one of which weighs 50 pounds, is 31 inches high and 3 feet long. The other, which appears younger and more docile, is 19 inches high and two feet long. Mrs. Lydia Raymond, of West Bay City, has commenced suit against II. W. Sage for $14,000 damages, caused, as she alleges, by his interference in a sale of real estáte that she was about to make. _ Gov. Croswell has ordered an investigation to be made and proof to be taken in certain charges of official misconduct made against one Joseph L. Kilbourne, a justice of' the peace in Grayling, Crawford county. On the 17th inst., all the buildings on Hubbard & King's northern subdivisión of SanduskV, the new connty sat of Sanijao county, wore destroyed by fire, with no insurance. The fire issupposed to have been tho work of an incendiary. M. C. Vandercook, the song writer and composer of Allegan, died on the 15th. In 1877, 1S7S and 1879 he traveled through the South, West and Kast, and gave entertainnients as a vocalist ia all tho large cities, rendering his own compositions. James Ryan, the Port Austin hotelkeeper, who burned a man so shockingly Christmas night in a drunken bout, and had in pay heavily in fines and cosU, isJ nqw sued for $20,000 damages by tlul friends of the young man. He has offere $5,000 to scttle. A Grand Haven physician has adopted :l bold course of treatment for consumptionfl He has lanced a patient's breast to thtfl lungs, and through the opening he ifl gradually abstracting the diseased portionsH and hopes ultimatcly to heal the .sountfl parts retnaining. Rev. J. W. Reid, the Methodist pastoS of Grecnville, announced to the oongrcgafl t íi ui Sunday that he would discontinue hifl pastorate until certain current reporta uiufl charges made against him by official memfl icrs of the society, and affeotiog his char-fl actor, had been fully investigated. Michael Clark, of Alpena, was oonvictedj icfore a justico of selling liquor to a boyfl inod $40 and sent to jail 40 days. 1B seems he got the boy drunk and theifl secreted him in an icc house, where hH would have perishcd by morning had lnH lot been rescued. Michael concludcd tH appeal to the circuit, where Judge TuttltB iiH'd him $100, ordered him to pay costfl of suit, which were much more, and bfl mpri8oned 90 days at Ionia. The tragedy of the Mistletoe Bough wnl ery nearly cnacted at Crawford 's quarry A 'ew days since. Tlie circumstances arfl .hese. A young lady of great musicaH abilities and scholastic attainmentn enB deavored to hide from the sight of a Rogfl ers' City beau, and jumped into her SarH atoga trunk. As in the eong, "It closecfl with a spring," and that young lady, havl ng the kev in her pocket had to retnaifl ncaroerated until the village blaoksmitfl ippeared on the scène, and released heifl ïalf dcad from her oonfined positiou.-B Presquo Isle Advance.