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Grain For Calves

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Oats are an excellent food for ealvcs, says the National Live-Stock Journal, and they should bc taught early to eat them. The calf seems to have the ]iowr of digpstiug oats very well without grinding. A pintúf oata givon to each calf at first, ttliá Boon increased to one ortwo quarks, will keep the growth steady. Oats are the bust single 6ubstituter"oToil-mca!, butvrheat-middlings and oats make an excellent conibination. A littlc corn mingled with these will do very well I ; but corn, as a single food, should be avoided for young animáis. The albuminoids and phoephates are in too small proportions in corn to grow the muscles and bones. As a simple questioti of economy, calves should gct a Hniall grain ration all throui-'h August and the fall uionths. ïhis cxtr;i food will pay tho greatcst profit, for it will add, as a general rulo, twu dollars to the value of the calf for each dollar in food given. Another important consideration is, that the better the condition of the young animal, the better it will stand the cold weather when it comes. A nice layer of fat on the outside is -u;il toa hoavy overcoat to the human Mng. Kvery feeder must 8ee that his inoosti in rauing fat cattle will depend largely upon lii.s treatnicnt of tho calf'. j.