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The New Örleans Picayune say8 that uhould Tilden be nominated against Grant, it would cause tliree, if not four Southern States to become debatable and doubtful. Ex Conjjressiiian Sinall, of South Carolina, reports the whito Republicana of hifl State pretty generally n favor of Blaine, while the colored voters are all for Grant. Philip II. Freas, of theGermantown, Pa., Telegraph, ia supposed to be the oldest editor in the United States. He founded that paper 50 ycars ago, and has edited evcry issue MIHB. Battle Creek has eaught the mutual insuranec fever and organized a society and sent out canvas-ing agents. Isn't this mu tual insurance business, being run into the ?;round a litlle? Spring Arbor is to have a new seminary building of 300 student capacity. Thefame is to be built of brick, three storiea in height. Over $3,000 have already been contributed, bc.sides much labor. In 1 876 one Dr. Worm was sent to prison for forging Secretiry Chaudler'a name t: a contractaimjuntngto$l,'50,000. Ele tías been reeently released having' served hia l'ull term, his 6110 beingremiited. The Uoited States Supreme Court has decided thc United States e'eoti n laws constitucional, Ju-tíco Field, of California, dissenting. As usual, the arty is not saiisfifd with the dtbwion. The health of the geiitleiuan ot' Graminercy Purk is in debatable coijdition by his party. Some iffirm it excellent, while others say it is extremcly delicate. His honesty wat never in doubt, but always delicate. Thr measles should be oredited with one good deed amongthemultitudeof evilones. A littlc girl in Keokuk, Ia., who had been blind for three montha, apparently bojhas had her sight compk'tely restored by an attaok oi' the same. Judge Chipman, of the Superior Court, Detroit, has writtcn to all of the circuit judges of ihe Slatc, aud to thc recorder of Grand Rapids, for stati.stics relative to the number of divorces granted during 1879, and the rea-sons tuerefor. One Clarence E. Davis, a traveling agent for F. Buhl & Co., of Detroit, has got himself iuto serious trouble by being uiarried too many times. If the cbarges preferred against hiin are truc, he had better hie hiniself to Salt Lake City, and unite with the "faithful." A dissolution of the English parliament has been ordered, and the present rajliw expect to gain a new lea?e of power by the means. jIcsr.s. Paruell and Dillon will have to return home and lay the wires for their re-eleotion, or perhaps have thc affix M. P.,dropped. Bowdoin College boasts of Inning gradua(ed 1 President of the United States, 8 Senators, 1 Secretsry of the Treasury, 25 Congressmen, 8 Govornors, 16 Presidentsof Colleges, 13 Circuit and Supreme Court Judges, and over 80 College professors. Tolerably fair record. A conirnittee of prominent men of the State has been appointed, and its members have gone to Washington to urge the necessary legislation to permit tho building of a railroad bridge acro9s the river at Detroit. It is ecrtainly better late tlian never, but the golden opportunity for Detroit has pasaed, and the lako navigators will probably have the Congressional ear. Witb all of the figuring and fvusing of the Democratie candidates lof President, Sly Samuel, of Cypher Alley, stands head and shouldcrs abovc the crowd in the choice of the "Simon pure " Demnoracy. A.s that party has been noted for its blunders in the past, they will undoub'edly developl still greater ones, and "Tilden und Fraud " be their battle cry for 1880. Welt, the two words are synonymous. They go well together. Mrs. Belva A. Loekwood, the fouiale lawyer of' Washington, baing put upon the defensive by Senator Hill, oí' Georgia, comes forward promptly, with some very strong proofs, and places the distinguisUed Senator in, to say the least, a very peculiar situation. He has evidently " woke up the wrong passenger," and will' have his little mesallkince with Mis.s Kiiymond fully sbown up. The dignified gent'utnan ia reponed to be continually saying : "Of all mul words of tongue or pen, The gaüdest are, she ntiueil It Beu." The Democrats are especially unfortunate again, in their endeavor to fight through the Fitz John Portqr case in Congrecs. The record of this General doe? n't seem to be of the very best kind, and the people have had a surfeit of Confedérate Brigadier business in tbc present Congres. Senator Bayard, like all similar celebritiesof that jarty who have tacklcd the case, made a bad fuilure in trying to defend his party in restoring this doughty General to the pay roll. Senator Carpenter who made a most excellent argument in opposition to the bill, bas added to his already excellent reputation. The Governor ef California, in eonjunction with the T'uitcd Statesauthorities, have secretly concentrated troops at San Francisco, taken possession of and put armed guards over all the armories, and by so doing have stolen the march upon the blatherskite Kearney and his gang of sarid lot rioters. Gen. McDowell bas the credit of planning and carrying forward the movement. It is proposed to keep thc sand lots mob undex subjuction until a decisión is reached ia tho Uoitod States courts as to the validity of the new Constltution. Peace and good order will undoubtedly prevail in the future, at tho Golden Gate.