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Red Hair Defended

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An admirer of red hair, who has it himiflf, glorifiea thatstyle thus: All throujdi ereation nature appears to dolibt iu red. lt predomínate in the pluasure of' the uiajanation, for whatever is beautiful, Ifröeable or suMime artakes of red. The rainbow, the rose, the charming lip and chcek of beauty's self', the sun, the gource of heat and life, are red ; as is alni the fin', the inielity autocrat of the universo. The ii:ot brilliant flowers, the most deücious fruits, the apple and the peach are red. Through the animal kingdou] red predominates, u in the king of beasts, the lion. Hut go furtlier. Adam, the first of mankiml, was red. The greatest of Grecian gods, Júpiter, Apollo and Vulean, were crimson. Samson, whose strength was ifigantic, derivcd his power from his red hair, and the destiny of tho empire of Atliens dopended on the red hair of Ntaus, Qaen Khcsbetfa had red hair; go had Spencer and Shakspeare. Milton is an ïn-tani't' of tlie proof of my propositiou ; also Defoe, the author of the World renowned story, "Robinson Crusoe." Iafavette had red hair; Bonaparte's hair was of t his oolor. Artemus Ward had red hair ; so have red Indiana, or else whv so


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