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A Gentleman

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" I bejt your pftnjén," and with a sraile and a touch oí' hia hat, Ilarry Kdmoo handed to an oíd man, aeairist wliom he lia 1 accidonlly stumbled, the cañe whiohhe liad Icooekea ftom his hura. ''I hope I did not lmrl you. Wo were playing too roiifílily." " Not a !t," said the oíd man cbeerily. " BoW II be boys, and it's best they slnmld be You didn't liarm me." "I'njfUd to heat it," and lifting h8 hat again,'llarry turned to join the playniati:s wiili wlioni be h.ul bofld frolicking at tho lime il tbe uiviiltnt. "Whatdid you rsiMyoar bat to that oíd f'ellowfbr?" ak'd hiscouianionCharleyJray. " Ho's only (íi'es, the huckster. " " That niakes do difference," ttúd Harry; "the questioo is not hether he is a gentleman, but wbether I am one."