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Henry Ward Beecher's Choice

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I prefer Gen. Grant to any one of the distinguished gentlemen wnn are named by he Republicana. In the present criis I tbink he represents, botter than any other candidato, American ideas, progret-s and pluck. This talk about Kepublican jpposition to Grant as a candidato is 'omented by the umita friends of opposng candidatos, and is Mti-Republican and misehievous. If Grant secures the nomination witli anything like unanimity, and should go out of the convention with an enthiisiastic syontaneity, nineteen-twentieths of tliis ante-conveution threatening would be dissipated, a genuine enthusiasm 'or the man and bis glorious career would spring up and fíll the great public heart. nul li is triumphal election by the patrioiic eople of the land he was instrumental in preserving as our fathers made it, would surely fqllow. But, sir, let me say, in conclusión, that any man whom the representatives of Republicanism nomínate at Chicago will be 10 inSnitely superior to any one whom the Democracy will select at the Cincinnati convention, that it is the patriotic duty of every Republicao - every luver of hifi country and her institutions as they are - to ïive him their earnest support and vote. This tniefly is tny platform, sir.