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Republican State Convention

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A Republican State CoDventlon, to select four ilfli'KHUM at large and two froul each CongresmiouhI District, to attend the Republican Natlunal Convention at Chicago, June 21, wlll be liria at the Opera House In the city of Detroit, on WednewUy, Maj lüth, lO,at eleven o'clOCk A. M. In aocordance wlth a resolutlon alopted at Urand Raplds, May lOlh, 1876, evory county Is eutllled to one delégate for eacb 600 votes cast for Qovernor at tlie last general electlon (In 1M7S), and oue addlllonal delégate for every fractlon of 300 votes, but each organlzed county wtll be entltled to at least one delégate. Under a resolutlon of 1858, no delégale wlll be entltled to a seat who does not reside In tbe couuty he proposea to represent. JAMES McMILLAN, Chalrman. RICE A. BEAL, D. O. FARRAND, JAMES O'DONNELL, T. 8. APPLEGATK, CHAS. W. CLISBÊE, D. B. AINQEB, I.EWIH W. HEATH, H. 8. SLEEPER, W S. UEORUE, H. C. 8ES8I0NS. RICHARD WINSOR. CALVIN WILC&X, THKO.C. PHILIPS, EIXJAR WEEKS, J. H. CHANDLER, I. A. FANCHER, JOHN M. RICE, Republican State Centrul Commlttee. R. K. TROWBRIDGE, Secretary. S-The County of Washtenaw Is entltled to slxteen delégate.