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The Ciucinnati mob wil] 6nd Mr. Tilden healtby aud vigorous as a youth of 18. By eareful search tliey found enough Demócrata in Rbode Island from whicb to nominato a State ticket, and the Mime was telegraphed all over the country as news. Parnell, the Irish agitator, at a recent politica! meeting in Ireland, was rottenegged and driven from the platform. Amerioans were better friends to him than that. It would be gratifying to hear some of the Democratie journals that have been orying " fraud ! fraud I fraudl" so vigorously, ezplain the Maine " disaster" to the people. Special services are to be held at the tomb of Abraham Lincoln upon the anniversary of his death, commencing at 7.22 A. M., of April 15th, that being the exact hour at which he expired. The Mississippi legislatura has been " interviewed" by the N. Y. Herald relative to the Presidential choioe, and the canvass shows the Republicans solid for Grant, with Blaine as second choiee. Bob Ingersoll don't see howit is possible for men to die worth miilions of dollars, in a city f uil of want. There are many other things that might be mentioned which the game gentleman does not seeni to understand. The Panama government really thinks ts own feelings should be consulted somewhat in regard to the inter-oceanic canal, whioh will cut that country in two. How absurd ! The Monroe doctrine, Uncle Sam's skeleton army and shadowy navy will all arise in awe at such a suggestion. The Manistee Times and Standard is a long name, but the paper has been in existence a long time, and for the past thirteen years under ts present management. It is a red-hot Greenback journal, ts editor, S. W. Fowler, being one of the delegstes to the Chicago convention wingof that former party. The Senate committee appointed to investígate the doings of John I. Davenport, of N. Y. city, would have done fully as well to have let the job alone. For every Repnblican mistake unearthed, fifteen or twenty Democratie frauda popped into light. Politica! capital don't cohabit with nvestigations some way. Stephen B. Dillaye, the Pomeroy Greenback candidate fur President, has withdrawn his nume from the canvass. Good sense from an unexpected quarter. B. J. Cham bers, of Cleburne, Texas, the fanious (?) individual who took second place on the same ticket, proposes to run whether he receives any votes or not. He will probably receive one vote - in Texas. The apothegm of Thackery, that any man can marry any woman if he is determined to, and the saying of Lord CbesterCeld, that it is not the Adonis but the Jack Wilkes wbo is the lady-killer, has been looked upon by a great many men au next door to wilful, delibérate slander. The nucoess ef such individuals as Clarence E. Davis, in marrying any one he happened to fancy, goes far, however, toward proving both of these gentlemen sound in their views. Russia, in hor great greed to own al land contiguous'to her borders, has run against the elevated spinal column of the Celestial Empire, and war belwecn China and Ru.siia 'n imminent. In the nieantiuic the United State arms and amuiunition manufactories are pressed with orders from both nation?. Whether China wil] be able to make any sort of a show against so formidable an adversary is doubtful. Her people are sufficiontly numerous and exceedingly apt in cunning and craft, but as a warlike power they have ever been the laughing stock of the world. It may possibly appear, however, that in her recent intercourse with oivilized nations he has gainod in the knowledge of modern warfare sufficiently to surprise the world. Should it so prove to be, you may look for a speedy clearing out of all nations now baving a foothold uAui hor sacred wiil. A new dark horse has appeared in the Democratie horoscope. It is a very puiall luirse just at prenent, but its mysteries and undeveloped powers are something no l'ellow can safely bet on. John M. l'almer is his namo, and Illinois is hia home. He was once a RepuWican governor of' that coinmonwealih. It' the mortgagee should not foreclo.Mj- ut then, he will. Tilden was never known to be lenient when the security was worth tbc principal, and he foolishly lliinks it is in this instance. Sammy will foreclofe. Palmer belter not build any Prcsidential air-castles.