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Brave Mary Owens

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An uudaunted aud brave wouian, indeed, was Mary Owens, of Pennsylvania. bhe accompanied her husband to the army.and fought by his side until he feil mortally wounded. Then she quit the anuy, and returned home in full uniform to teil hor Prienda and neighbors of h. r strange experience for a wouian, and of her suffenngs and devotion to her country'a flag. fene was in the army over eighteen months,and during that time took part in throe severe battles. In tlie fust engnKement she was woundud by a ball in the face, and feil on the field. In her tliird batdu she was again hit; this time in the arm. Her wounds retjuired her to be taken to the liii-pihil, lien: hor true sex was discovered and the circumstances of her being in the ranks made; known. Sho had eahsled in the town of Danville, Montour county, IV, under the name of John Evans. It appears that her father was opposed to her uiarrying htr seweetheart, Owens, and threafened her with violenoo if she did not give him up. The brave girl, nothing daunted, married Owens secretly, and then donned the blue and went with him to Cha war. Her husband was with her in the sanie oompany, and so heroieally did Mary endure the hnniships of tho camp aw dangersofthe field that no one suspected her sex until she was wounded. She saw her husbaod fall duad by h.r side, tnd then ruturned home wounded and a widow. She wns young, rather pretty, ai.d sliglit in form. This brave wnman was of Wels parentage, but a genuiue Yankoo in jiluc and spirit. Of ooursr, sbe was for a Ion linie a heorino in the neighborhood wlier slie livcd. I doubt Wtmg woman in Amer ica ever had a more romantic career til brave and plucky Mary Owcus.- Cur PhUadelphia l'ress. An unknnwn man was killed by the cars at Stratford the otlier day. The content of hi pockets, fixty cents, and a pair i gcissors, would indicate that he was con nected with juurnalisin. - Danbury Now. ALondon society paper says that "Amcr can women would be far more beautiful i thcy weighed 200 pounds apiece." If yo own a yellow dog with one ear gone and broken tail, just youmaintain that a yello dog with oue car gone and a broken tail ii 50 uer oent. better than any other kind o