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Preservation Of Meats

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In Australia, experimenta for preserving meat by the njection of brine into tho blood-vessels of the careas.--, thua preserviDg tliem whole, are said to have been suecessful, and a whole bullock thus treated is to be sent to the Sydney Kxhibition. The procesa is said to be as follows : Iiumediately after the animal is killed the breast is laid barc and ;i pipe insorted into the left ventriele, throifgh which a stream of weak brino is torced fniui an elevated tank. ïhe brino flows aloriK the %¦ -ris, and drives out the blood throngh tlie right ventriele, when a strouger hrine ii fnreed in, until all the vcssels are full. It ia stated that the distribution ol the xüi is thoruugh, and that the meat is pert'oidy preserved by the proco ss. Jay Uoulil is now acoumulating wealth more rapidly than any man in New York city and probably in America, except Wm. H. Vamlorbilt. Hisincomeisnowestiuiated at $2,000 per day. Twenty years ago he was jobbing ole leather, and had a tannery in the Pennsylvania woods, the place being called Gouldsborough.