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As soon as the frost is out of the groiind, eays the Germantown Telegraph, the rough portion of' the covering ot' the asparagus beds can be removed, aüd the other earefully ibrked in. Most of the covering of the strawberry beds can be alfo removed, and the let remain as a mulch. Flower-borders, which are usually wellcovorpd with in the fall, can be treated in the same way, and the border partially dressed. About inid April the rest can be earefully forked in, especially where there are any bulbs remaining in the soil or tender roois, and the beds put in the best order. Kaspberry-canes, laid down through the winter, can be relievedof their covering the ürst week in April, should the frost be out of the ground, and be staked up firnily at once, fn slaking they ehould be tied loosely to give the young branches room to grow and expand. Rose-bushes not vet thinned out and the dead wood removed, should be attended tu at once. Kaïnpantgrowersrequire sharp pruning. All stalks partially, killed should be cut out to the ground. ïhe be-t roses aro produeed fruin young or well-pruncd buhes. Shrubbery generally should be wellthinned out. Sotne of' the spiraeas grow tall and spindling and i'all over on every side, unlesb kept down. To have finest snowballs there should be frequent planting of young wood, as it in this that produces the largest and finest fllowers. The first erop of pes - rixtra Early - should be sown as soon as the ground is lit, and ibllowed by others according to their period of' producing. The onion erop is among the first to get in, and ought to bo set betöre the end of the present month. The value of this vegetable is greatly underrated. None is more nutritious and wholesome, and it should be iu every household. Rbubarb roots should be transplanted as soon as poísible. So with horse-raddish. Thy should both be cut in pieces, oach with a smal] partióle of the eroïorcadhering, and set two inches under the surface in a rich,moist spot. A bi'dof'either.onceestablished, will keep tself going, the seed stalks of both being rcmoveJ as they appear. (rafting can now be proceeded wilh. Be carelul in waxing or tying up, entiroly to exclude the air and water oiheiwi-e your gralting will Ie fruitless. Let your out-door grapevines He on the ground until alter tluy have begun to spnmt if you desire low-branching vinea and new wood for renewing.