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Sunlight At Home

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Wliether your home be largo or small, give it light. There is no house ao likely to be unhealthy aa a dark and gloomy house. In a dark and gloomy house you can never see the dirt that pollutes it. l)irt accumulates on diit, and tbc ïuind foon learns to apologize for this condition the gloom conoeals it. " It is no credit to be clean in this hole of a place," is soon the sort of an idea the housewife gets into her mimi ; "the place is always dingy, do what you may," is another similar and common idea ; and so in a dark house unwholesome things get stowed away and forgotten and the air bcconies iropure, and when the air becomes impure the digestive organs become imperfect in action, and soon there is some shade of bad health engendered in tbose persons who live in that dark house. Flowers viiü not healthily bloom in a dark house, ana flowers are, as a rule, good indices. We put the flowers in our Windows that they may see the light. Are not our children worth niany flowers? They are the choicest of flowers. Then again light is necessary in order that the animal spirits may be kept refreshed and invigorated. No one is truiy happy who in waking hours is in a gloomy house or room. The gloom of the prison has been considerad as a part of the punishment of the prison, and it is sq. The mimi is Raddened in a home that in not flushed with Hgbt, and when the mind is saddened the whole physical powers soon suffer ; the heart beats languidly and blood flows slowly, the breathing is imperfect, the oxidation of the blood is reduced, and the conditioos are laid for the develon' of manv wearisome " nucoessary