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Sleep Without A Monument

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Tbe sea is the largest of cemeterie9,and all its slumberers sleep without a monument. All other graveyards, in all lands, show some symbols of distinetion between the great and sruall, the rich and poor; but in that ocean ceinetery, the king and olown, the prince and the peasant, are alike undistinguished. The same wave rolla over alt, tne reriuiem by the minstrels of the ocean is sung to their honor. Over their remains tbc same storms beat and the same suu shines; and there, unmarked, the weak and the pqwerful, the plumed and the unhonored will sleep on until, awakened by tbe tramp, the sea will give up its dead. No marble rises to point out where their ashes are gathered. Yet the eeuietery hath ornaments of which no other can boast. On no other are the heavenly orbs refleoted in such splendor. Over no other is heard such noble mclody. Never sit down desparingly and say : "It is impossible ibr me to rise in the world. I am a poor boy. There is no chance for me." Why, it is just such as you who have risen highest and become men whose names are known throughout the world, who thoroughly understood at the outset, that their fjrtuneswere in tbeir hands, and that hope and energy and effort were better than all the family influenoe in the world. Inherited wealth seems to be aotually enervatins. Talents, too, ohen lie disused in the hands of rich ïnen's sons. VVhat need of striving, they think; oompetence is theirs; and often such men squander the fortunes they have notearned, and live." begun in luzury end in beggary. Despair because you are poor? Why, that is the very reason thatshould bid you hope ! The biographies of most great men, of ui' ..-t successful men, will teil you that if you but read them.