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The Alleman Tribune rcinarks: ',' Tildes 9 bound to win. Talk about his feebleneaa ! He is just such a little, wiry, tough man aa we knew when we were a boy - chopped bis littlc five cords of wood aday, threshed ten bushels of wbeat in the evening, died a rcformed drinker, and a worthy member of the Baptist church. The Ingbam County Nüw.s of May 6th, is a maruinoth journal. Owing to a rush of advertising, the issue was cowposed of 16 pages and a supplement. In looldng over the columns of the News two things are very evident: the merchants ot' .Ma-m knuw how to advertise judiciously, and Otis Fuller knows how to run a paper successfully. Albion Republiean : "Something like tbirty womcn were elected township puperinteudeuts of schools this spring,and singularly enough, all but two or three oi' tlum un the democratie ticket. And fo itseetns to have come to this at last, that to find respectability enough to secure any show at all of success, the demócrata must leave their own ranks and invade the dornain of the gentier sex." Speaking of the difference between English and American cleetionn, the Fontiac Gazetto says: "The beauties of the Eogliah electoral system are exemplified by Mr. Parnell, whq has telcgraphed to this country for contributions in money, to pay his election expenses. It is said the average oost to a candidato to a .seat iu Parlinnicnt, in a contestcd election, is $50,000. l'his expense ia sotiietimes borne by the candidato himself, sometimos by aomo wealthy patrón and sometimes it is paid by an appeal to the public oharity. like the cali to pay a church debt." In reFerring to the candidacy of Hún. E. 8. Lacy, of that city, for congress, the Charlotte Hepuolicau nnjo; "tYom ¦,)! over the state comes letters congratulating Hon. E. S. Lioy on hi.s consent to become a c'indidate for congress. He is known throughout the state as a man of ability, integrity and excellent judgment, and it b conceded byall that instead of the position honoring the man the man will honor the position. All throuh Jhis district bis name commands admiration and respect. His nomination will be a unanimoas one- the highest compliment that could be paid to any ace. " The Saginaw Herald t-ajs: "With tbc retiremeptof 1'ostmasterGeneral Key, tbe last vestige of the present administration's well meant reconciliatioa policy disappoars. He was put into the cabioet by the president in order that the south might see that the administration meant to treat all sections alike. He was a democrat of conservativo type, and his appointment by a republican president was an unprecedented and significant step. How did the south receive it? They denounced Judge Key as a "repentant rebel, "and read him out of the democratie garty with dÍ8jgjyt. ..f Jj when ho admitted in a iublic speech that tbe war was a "mistake" on the part of the south, is still well remembered by everybody. " From the Oakland County Advertiser, published at Holly, we clip the fullowing: "The rush of voyagers to Europe isalmost as remarkable in ita way as ttic countertido of imuiigration. The passenger business of the outward-bound ocean steamships has never been so great as now, except, possibly, in the Paris and London world's fair years. The season of European travel began early with the pleasure seekers this year, and the many engagements made for the cabina as far ahead as midsummer, show that the out-flow will bc heavy and long-continued. A mqnth henee, all the out-going passenger shipa will bc uncomfortably crowded, as those arriving are now. The year is a prosperous one for the steamship companies, and many of them have to put on extra steamers. ' ' The Muskejjon Chroniclo is responsible for tbc following good temperance story: ¦'o.--v - ¦ !., np. o. - .wi. uu M Alna, who was formerly a prosperous young luinberman up north, but whose bad habit of drinking resulted, as it ofoen does, tbough he has since reformed and is trying ti. il.i l,.it t(J UU IM'llll. "How are you?" said T. Ö. "Pretty well, thank you, but I've just boon to a doctor to have him look at my throat." "What's the inattel-?" "Well, the doctor couldn't gire me any encouragement. At least he couldn't iind what I wanted him to find." "What did you expect him to find?" "I asked him to look down my throat for the saw-mill and farm that had üonc down tbere." "And did he see anytbing of it?" "No, but he adviscd me if I ever got anothor mili to run it by water." The licpubliean Banncr, published at Hastitifcs, with Qeo. M. Dewoy as editor, closed its twenty-fourth volume with the issue of May 5th. The Banner is ooe of the stalwart republican papers of Michigan, always battling with a ready pen and a stout and fearless wili in hehalf of republican principies and the republioan party of the stato and nation. In closing an able artiele in celebration of its birthday the Banner saya: "These victories by the pcople, for the people, and whioh have secured to such an amazing degreo tho true prosperity uf all the jieople, cmiat tts the result of the principies and poliey of the republican party, and in support of which, during all these yean, the Hepublican Banner has never faltered. Policios may chango with the necessities of the huur, but principies are immutable and never change. Henee the republican party, whose base was freedom, whose superstructure a the elevation of man to the enjoyment of every civil and politicalright, has triumphed, and will continue to tri - umph 80 long as it representa principie. Entering to-day on the twcnty-fifth volume, the Banner stands where it has ever stood, for the principies which the republican party has ever represented, and which to-day demand :in unfaltering support as at any time in the past. la such a contcst men aro nothing, principies everything, and to the success of these principies tne Banner will dedícate its bestetfortg as unfihcringly in the future as iu the pub More we noed not say." Speaking of the lack of oourtesy auiung Ïioliticians sometimes, the Big Rapids 'ionecr-Magnet, delivers a stinging rebuke: "Two recent incidents in connection with the present canvass for the republican pro.-ideniial uomination were in extreme l)ad taste, to characterizc them uildly. The hisses that wero given' liy a few persons in the Ohio republican convention wheu General Cirant's name wasmentionod, were an exhibition of malignant vulgarity that all docent men must deprécate; and no less oxeorablo is the attempt of Harper's Weckly to caricature Mr. Blaine. The latter is as disgraoeful to Nast an the formcr wai to tlic hissing Buckeyes. Both Grant and Blaine aro entitled to courteous treatment at the hands of cvery living American." And in speaking of the poseibilities of the presideotial candidatos that paper furthor reuiarks: "The rccently developed inclination among tlic masHo.s to urge the nomination of Hon. E. B. WaBhburne for the premdency, is rapidly assumiog the proportions of' a "boom." Multitudes of sincere well-wishers of the hcan party and of' the nation- men who are not unthinking dolalcrs íd politics or otherwise, and who are not ready to be attachcd to the rail of atiy politica! kite - are vf'ry otuphatic in their indorsement of Wa-iliburnc. Ilis sterling character and well known ability, coupled with his great popularity among all classes, make him a very desirable candidato, and we should be more than pleased to see hiin head the licket to be nominated at Chicago." The Saturday Review, published at Grand ltapids, says : "Through a recent appointment by the soveraor tlie people of Grand Rápida are informed of the esisteoce of a law providing lor a board of commissioners wliose duty it u to prevent the spread of dangereus dineases atnong anímala and to protcct the people of the state froin the dangera arising from the consuuiption of diseaned mcat. That much good might be accoujplished by active work on the part of saoh a oommunion no one doubts, and it is to be regretted that the law creatie the board uiakes no provisions for salary or expenses. As, howeyer, Dr. and Aid. J. B. Griswold, of this city, bas been appointed a ruember of the board, the people of Graad Hapids and vicinity can rest assared that all the authority conférred by the law will be used to prevent the sale of diseased animáis, either as live stock or mout. Dr. Griswold not only ranks among our boat pbysicians in the treatment of disease, but is acknowledged to bo the njoit unseltísh of citizens m contributing both time and money to secure tbe general good health of the cominunity. It is an open secret that a great deal of ïuuat is placed upon the market which is uufit lor use. The retail dealers, as a rule, are honct in dealing with customers, and bad meat is generally thrown away when discovered, but this creates loss, and it is possible that a few will cheat chance buyer.s rather titan lose money At preoent tho br,l will probably work through the local oíBcers ana local laws." Speaking of the Oliio republican convention and Ilayes' administration, the Threc llivers Tribune discourses very wisely : "Sherman easily carried the Ohio delegates at large, and his friends claim all the district delegates, thougli the Blaine men claim eight of them. H the latter are correct the aelegation stands 36 for Sherman and 8 for Ülaine. The highest vote in the convention for Blaine men was 209 out of 670. Grant was unknown. The platform was of the usual pattern ex:ept in two particulars: free public schools were called for throughout the whole xmutry, to be supported by general taxation, to be free trom sectarian influences, ind to be secured by appropriate constitutional legislation; and the administration A' Huyes was culogized. On this latter subject history will reverse the eurrent udgment. Partisan heat and supposed political necessity now blind the eyes of men to the merits of llayes, but as time ?oes bybis administration will loom up the records of the Amer'ica'n ivcpuèiic"." ici is tlayes crowmng ment that with a hostilo Congress, provoking constantlr the spirit of politica] retaliation, he has firmly and calmly rulcd according to the law, exalting its province in the work of government, and has called to the front, to the utmost possiblo limit, tlie best clements of his party. Ou the school question there can be no differences of opinioa among republicana. "Education," as a demooratic sage long ago said, "is the bane of deniooracy," butitis the life of republicanism. It is more than tuis - the destróyer of seotional and race prejudice, the promoter of thrift, cnergy and prosperity, the enduring life of the Republic." Referring to the proposcd counting of the electoral vote by congress, the Gratiot Journal says: "A new joint rule for the governinent of congress in counting the prcsidential electoral votes has been agreed upon by the democratie members of the senate committee on rules and the select committee appointed to consider the eubit't't Thi riliii ¦MMttMUMl i-'wilaa lint ui case only one certifleate of tbe electoral vote of a state be presented to congrese, it shall not bc rejected except by the affirmative vote of the two houses, and that in case of two returns neither be counted unlesa the two huiwes agree that one of them s the truc and valid return. The fonner twenty-second joint rule on the subject required every electoral vote to be rejected to which any objection was sustamed by either house. Tho new rule is objectionabie in that it opens the way for counting in the democratie candidate whether !ie is eleeted or not. Undcr the oíd rule the elcctors cast their votes and forwarded thom to the president of the senate, and then as both houses are controlled by the saaie politieel party, they could easily agroe that the return for the candidatos of that party was the truc and valid one. lu this way tbe democraoy oould capture tha presidency without regard to the decisión of tho peoplo at the polls, and that it wouM avail itself of the opportunity, iry, is clearly foreshadowed by the ( 'ronin business in Oregon thrce years ago, the attempts to bribe electora in soutliurn steJtM at the same time, the Garcelou operation o Jlaine last fall.and the more recent attempts to defeat the popular will by oasting Kepresentative Washburn and Senator Kellogg from their scats."