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A Public Park!

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We waut one, that is settled. We must and ivill have one, that ia another pointbeyond dispute. But where, and when, are questions that reniain to be answered. Not a village or city in the state, except Aun Arbor, but can boaet its public parks where young and oíd can find a cool resting place, secure from dust and heat, where such words as " keep off the grass " are not posted at every turn, where seats are provided for weary pedestrians, where children can play undisturbed, and where from a pleasant niusic stand the city band can discourse harmoniously for the delighted listeners. There will be the place to hold our masa meetings, our out-of-door temperance meetings, our conventions, our Fourth of July celebrations. There will b the place for anv Dublic eatlierinir i too large lor any building or hall ; we a know what a blessing it will be to the cit - to the business interests - to the peopl generally. When we know what to do, w know that we can do it if we will. Tlier is but one place to be had of suitablc di mensions and locality- the old jail square If this can be secured before t is sold int building lots, the thing is done - are no all interestcd in the matter and will not a lund a hand in securing this blcssing to our