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Tho list of census cnumerators fur this sounty havo boen appointed by Mr. J. C. Sliarp, of Jackson, supervisor ol' the first listriot of this state, and approved by the Washington authorities. They are as follows: 222- Ann Arbor tnwnshlp Ijorenao Davls 23- Anu Arbor city, lst and 2d wards Gilbert IHIhs Í24- Aun Arbor city, 3d and 4th wards Ailred R. Buchón 225-Ann Arbor city, Btb and 6th wunls Mra. N. H. Plerce Í26- Augusta.. (Jeoruc II. Hmlth 227- Bridgewator WanhiiinUm W. Heaj 08- Dexter Wllllum Wood 229- Freodoni Albert Bi nasal 230- Lima Wllllaiu K. Stookfhg iSl- Lodi Biaymon H.Taylor 232-Lyndon Jay D. Clark Mi-Manchester Stowarl Fitswrald HM Northtleld Willlam lxrty 135 ?ittslleld Willlam K. Chilils 238- Salem öllas Pratt 237- Saline Richard H. Miirah .¦is-seio Alexander D. Crane iïii - harón „ üuorco K. ISowers 240- .Superior Willlam Oalpln 241- Syfvau . Fisher M. Hooker 212- Wobster Willlam R. Wal'lron S43- York_ Almerlu O. Hatliaway 244 -Ypsllantl townshlp J. Evarls Smith 245- Ypsilantl city, lat, 2d and Sd wardg Ijiwrunce A. McLonth 246-YpsIlantl city, 4th and 5th wards " B. V. Thompson The rates of cotupensation of the cnumerators (exoept in citics and towns having over two thousand inhabitants whero it will be two cents per name) have been fixed as follows : For each living tnhabltant enumerated (achedulo No. 1) 2% conta For each farm returned (schedule No. 2) 12H cents For each establishment of productlve industry returuod on )?eural manufacturlnK (achedole No. 8) 15 cents For each eytablishment of productlve ludnstry returned on special manufacturlug schudules ïr cents For each death reported (schc.lulo No. 5) 5 cents For each person enumerated on the supplemcntary scliwiulos relat! na to tlic depondent, defectivo, and delinquent clauses (doaf and dumb, blind, insaue, idiotie, crimináis, paupers and childreu in instltuUons) 5 cents For making llsts of namen, wlth age, sex aud color, of all persons ennmerated by you under the provisión of sec. K, act approved April 20, ÏKSO, for each one hundred names... 10 cents For two days attondance at court house for the purposo of correctlng i the schedule of InnabltanUs, as proVlded by the said sec. 6, act of April 20, 1880, two dollars and a hall per day, belng the maximum allowed I by law. The foregoing rates are subject to the UraltAtlon imposed by the proviso to the tentb. sec[tion of the act of March 3, 1879, that the "comIpensatlon to any enumerator in any district least of the one huudreth meridian shall not lexceed an average of four dollars per day of ten hours actual fleld work each ; ana the compensation allowed to any euumerator in any district west of the one hundredth merldiau shall notexceed six dollars per working day of equal lengtn. In cities and towns having more than 2,000 inhabitants the rate is 2 cents insteac of 2è cents a name. The schedules for taking the inanufac turing and social statistics will be with drawn from the enumerators and intrustec to special agents in the following oities ii the first supervisor's district : Detroit, Jack son, Kalamazoo, Adrián, Ann Arbor anc Battle Creek.