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Wall Street Sharpers

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A circular comes addrcssed to us trom " Wall strcet railroad stock and bond pur chasing Co." of New York. "Capital $1,000,000." And we presume the same lias beeu sent to every person whose address they have been able to obtain, throughou the country. The first object ofthecom pany is " to accumulatc a largo capital;' which object no one will deny. The more fools they cao get to invest, the larger thci capital will be and the lesa that of the fools. ïhey propose "to redeem on denuind for cusk all sliares of the oompany at par value." " Second, to guarantee proiup payment of uechilaii montult dividends oifive (5) percent.," and " to declare al the extra wcekly cash dividends the profit. will justify." This is as far as we need to quote. In the first placo eaatern capital i. seeking investment, in large quantities, al over the west at 7 per cent. interest. I thcre is such a grand oppertunity to secure 10 per cent. interest, and have the capita which produces it so secure that it can bc paid "on demand at its par value," why do castern capitalists seud their money awaj from home for invetuient at a much lowe rate of interest? And at the same time run the risk of poor investmeuts and dis honest agenta ? If the thing is legitímate and will yield even 7 per cent. per annum would not there be millions of money righ in New York eager to take all the Btock ? Would western or southern, or men from any other section, be given even a hint o auch an easy and grand way to make money ? We think not. They would be apt to hide it as securely as a miser woult his ducats. Stook gainbling is dangerous business, and 100 men will lose where one man will be successful. The immense fortunes accumulated by Jay ftould and the Vandcrbilts prove this conclusively. The smal! rmprritnry v( annn swaHnwprl nn ïinr ruined, while the large ones are continually growing more powerful, and we should ad vise any or all of our roaders to keep wha money they have. Be content with gradúa and legitímate accumulations, and not lis ten to the syren song of any Wall street or other stock or option speculation. The "offers" are fair to look upon, read nice sound well, but are as dangerous to your prosperity as a lighted lamp is to the en chanted miller who stays by it until its flamc kills hini.