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('liaucery SotU-c. STATE OF MICIUWAN- The Circuit Court for the County of WtlhtaUkW, In tliano-ry. frederlek D. Jeukins, complainant, vs. Eliza A. McUoDald, dili-nduui. At a teaala of i-ald court, holdcu t tl:e Conrt Bonn, in the city ol Aun rbor, on Wcdlicsd?, " tweuty-flrst day of April, A. D. ISSO. Pwimt, the ilou. Gouverneur Morris, Circuit .liHiuf , üill of C'omplaint in tliii nnii havinj; heen nled on tb niath day of April, a. d. isso ; uil i' " I ¦ appmrlna 10 thb conrt, i.[xm ilueprw" by, ihut the dffcndnnt 1u ttiis cnuee, k'1 A. McUonnld. r.'m.l.-K out ol lus M.ite, mi f"1' duin ot the Suite or TszM ; on nioiion of Ilraii7 F. Qrtngar, eoiiclior, uud ol counsel for ln f;'m" lil.iiiiuiit, It ordered thiit thi! ssld diTcndJnt, W:1 A. McUoiiüld. upper and anewer Ihe bill of compl"1 In thl cauae, within three muuths from the dle thls order. UOl'VBKNKUR MOKBIS, Circuit JudgcB. P. illANIIKII, Solicitor, and ol Counsel for the Complalnant. 'J85-991. , Kstate of George Grenville. OTATK OF MICU1GAN, Couuiy of Wwhten. At a mtloa f the Probate Ccmrt for the onntj'1' Wanhtcunw, holden at the I-rohnt Office, in llietiij of Anu Arbor, on Kriday, eic;.th ü? lJ May, in the year one thousand eit-ht houdrei' au" eiiihty. Preseut, Wllilain V. Uarrlmaii, Ju1' w Probate. In the matter of the extate of George l'"'.; deceai-cd. Willlam 8. Crane, the admlnietrntir. i' the will nnnexed. of naid nitu Wl" and rapnM&ti that he ie now pnMIw 10 rufl hit final accoitot as euch admluitrator. . Thereupon it i ordered that Krlday, the 1"" '" day uf June next, at ten o'clock in "' uoon, bc amined for exainininn and ¦""" "5 such account, and that the aerlMM, Hf ,, heirs at law of said deceaied,and all other kt tnt.reM.d in uid HUU, n-qiiired t" apli'' ¦ MMlOB "1 said conrt, then in be holden ' ""' r bate Office, In Ciiy ol Ann Arlior, in ald coi"" ij and show cana, n asi iban bi hj th? Jr' aoooant Ihoald uot lie Iloweri. And It i IanVc ordarod.thal iaid adnilnlsirator notie.' iowf pononi Interaatad Is aid aatata, of thj iH'" .,„,. ! eald account, and the hearny; thcreof, b) u'": a copy of thi ord.r to be publishid In "''" Arbor Cöuiier, a Bewapaper prtnted and ?JYS in oaid county, throe nnccesaive weeks proiou lid day oí heariiur. (Atroecopr.) „_,.- lilAMU.AKKJMAN WM. (. DOTY, l'rolwte HouíkUt. Mi All kliKlN of Hook-inllne loiie Tüc tiiurlrr olUce on xlioit uotir.