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John F. Lawrenoe spent decoration day in Detroit. Airs. Uriah B. Wilson, of Colorado, is risiting relativos íd this city. C. D. Coleman, of Washington, D. C, has been in the city the past week. Miss Nora Lee, formerly a high school student, has been visiting in the city this week. R. C. Davis, university librarían, has been camping out near Orchard Lake, Oaklaii'l couDty. John Cook, the old sexton of Forest Hill ceiuetcry, has gonü to Kugland where he used to live. Mias Oregory, sister of Mrs. Chas. Fantle, and Chas. Fantle, Jr. , left for Europe Tuesday last. George Wenzell, of Detroit, law '75, spent a week visiting with D. J. Oakley and L. F. Wade. Arthur Whitlark, of Ann Arbor township, returned from his Kuropean visit a few days sioce. J. N. Bailey, of the Argus, and E. B. l'onil, formerly of the sauie, both attended the Chicago convention. Mac Le Beau, traveling agent for J. Keek & Co., returned home last ïuesday and will leave again Monday. D. DePue, of Pittsfield, his son Chas, and niece Mrs. S. Mills left for a two weeks' stay in New York, receotly. Miss A. Al. Travur, of tbis city, has gom? m (rand Rápida whero she will probably remain until fait, visiting her brother. Mr. C. H. Noli, representing the iaterests of the Lever, a Qrand Ilapids temperance paper, was in the city the first part of the week. Drs. W. F. Breakey, John Kapp, and Prof. Donald McLean, left last Monday for N'ew York to attend the national medical association as delegates from tbis state. Rev. W. H. Shier, of Adrián, was in the city over the Sabbath attending the quarterly meeting, and upon quarterly conerence Monday nigUt, at M. L. ohurch. Dr. W. H. Smith, gradúate of the medical department, has opened an office in St Clair. He expects to be present at the coming commencement, the last of June. Prof. Wm. Cocker, of Adrián, and Hen - ry Cocker, of Cleveland, were in the city over Sunday, bidding their father and mother good bye, previous to their European journey. Edward J. Morton, of this office, goes to Jhicago to-morrow as a delégate from the typographical union of this city, to the nternational convention which commences ta session Alonday, June .7, and will be absent one week. The following named republicana of tb. is city attended the Chicago convention: ion. A. J. Sawyer, in the oapaoity of altérnate; R. A. Beal, of tho Courier; Messrs. Joe T. Jacobs, E. ü. Abel, Geo. A. Gilbert, Richard Glazier, and Prof. Meek. Mr. F. J. Osborne, from Sarnia, Onario, and wife are in the city. Mrs. Osorne will remain with her mother, Mrs. Dr. I. J. Hilton, fora few months, and Mr. Osorne leaves this evening on an extensivc our through the western and southern states br the benefit of his health, with business combined. He will be aocompanied as far as Nebraska by Wm. Hilton, Knq. We wish them both a pleasant and profitable tour.