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A Mountain In Mexico Sinks Out Of Sight

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Adjacent to the hacienda of Santa Catarina, about twenty leagues to the cast of the city, a very remarkable freak of nature has oceurred, tho facts concerning which wo have received from a gentleman who visited the sceDC. On tho "th inst. tho pcople of the hacienda and vicinity were arouüöd by a startliiig noise reseiubling t blinder, l'pon iissembling to see what wan the matter, it wís soon discovered that a siuall iuountain in thr imineaiate vioinity had sunk into the ekrtli, and it must gorie out of ,-ight like a flash. 3ur informant, with others, made; observattons, and learned that tho apertnre thus opened was 200 motres in leniïth, 150 in width, and its depth from 130 to 150 metres. [t was with great difficulty the rim of tho eavern was approaehed, aa all about there wcre great yawning fissures which threaten to open still wider. To miss a step there was danger of linding a grave in tho depths bneath. íáome stones weiíhinf íibout ;wo pounds eaoh, wero thrOwn int the eavern, and it touk from nine to ten seoonds before they struok the bóttom, their contact with the surface beneath making a groftt report. Aller these brief observaiioiis, the esploring party retired hurriedly trom tho scène, as the earth was trembling and shakiug as if upon a balance. The ocation of this strangc phnomenon is situated in the tierra caliento (warm región), and mosquitos and palm treos flounsh all about. Whcncyer any portions of the ¦arth along the rim of the eavern feil into the deptns immense clouds of white dust issued forth. This dust was carried about by the winds and made all the trees in the vicinity perfectly white. Speculation is rife as to whether the tuountain sank owmg to earthquako intlueiices or iroui the result of gas explosión. It oould not bc attributed to the former very woll, os no shocks were feit in the neii;hborhood. -