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The different census enuinerators for the city of Ann Arbor cosipletcd tlieir work hn night, and we find the nuniber of inhabitante to bo as follows : Eirstward 1,860 Second ward _ 1,398 Third ward 1.3SB Fourth ward 1,531 Fiaii ward 7tt üixlh ward 1.107 Total 8,0 As com pared with the census of 1870, the city shows a healthy growth, which compares favorably with any of Michigan' cities for the past decade. The following are the figures for 1870: A.u-d _ 1,793 Second ward ....... 1,2118 Tlnrd ward „ 1,151 Konrth ward 1,B4)1 KlftU wanl 712 SUtu ward 968 Total 7,363 The census of 1 SCO gave us a population of 5,0'J". These figuro may disappoint ome of our people, but we have full faith that the enumerators havo dono their work faithfully and well. By rights there are 1,400 students who ought to bc oounted in the population of this city. They are with us the greater part of the ycar, and are in reality a portion of the inhabitants of this city. But the enumerators have not includcd these in thcir lists. Adding their nuniber to the abovo we have a population of 9,428, which ia in reality just about what we aro entitled to. THE THIRl) CITV DISTRICT. Mrs. N. H. Pieroe having completed enuuierating the district assigned to her by tho Supervisor of Census, reports as follows : She found in the Sixth ward 1,167 living inhabitants, 20 deaths during the census year, four persons over ten that eould not read or write, one insane, onc blind, one pauper, one cripple, one paralytic, one hclpless from rhcumatism. In the Fifth ward she found 736 living inhabitants. 10 dcaths during the past ycar, 2 deaf and dumb, 1 insane, 1 pauper, 2 cripplcd, 1 that could not read or writc. She found the people nteligcnt, eourteous, obligin, and in somc instances hospitable, poiially in the Sixth ward, which boastsa hish degrec of rcfiocuiont and intelÜKoocc. The work has been vcry laborious as the wards aro largo, and thinly populatcd com[Kired with the other wards of the city. Sho has found iuuch that was eddilying, souio thini'.s Baddening, and could teil mariy ;i fuiiny story in illustntion of rh:ir acter.